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2014/15 Tesla Model S - P85D, Autopilot, White, heavily optioned

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Hello all,

It is with regret that I am posting my favorite daily driver of all time for sale.

It is the best overall machine I have owned in terms of combining flat out performance, style, tech, comfort, green factor, cost of operation, and driving experience - all things that I seek and have always had to make greater compromises on (or needed multiple cars to achieve). The 2001 BMW E39 M5 was previously #1 for me (and didn't have the green factor at all).

Info on my car for sale:
- P85D in White (flat, non-pearl) on Black interior. Red brake calipers. Has 30% tinted windows and carbon fiber interior trim. Very clean appearance.
- Late December 2014 build, titled as a 2014, but delivered in 2015 to previous owner
- Performance Plus suspension (not available on later P85D models, a carryover from the P85+)
- 19" wheels (please research and see: they ride less harsh and are typically 5-10% more range efficient than 21" wheels)
- Current mileage: 49,500
- Free Supercharging for life
- Going in for a final inspection and service under warranty, and for the 50,000 mile service
- No accidents or dings. No known body / paint work. It has been inspected by multiple different shops last year and passed with flying colors (also have the Tesla service paperwork to show this)
- New Michelin Tires (all four) 9 months ago
- Great battery health: 100% full charge = 240 mile range displayed


- Tech Pack
- Autopilot enabled <3
- Smart Air suspension (very useful when going in and out of driveways - it remembers where to raise it)
- Next Gen Seats, front and rear (pretty rare, and look amazing in solid black)
- Ultra High Fidelity Sound
- Supercharger enabled
- Alcantara roof
Basically it has every option I know of except for three: Panoramic roof, rear facing child seats, 21" wheels.
Living in a sunny, hot state with bumpy roads, I actually think not having these three options and having all the others is the best possible spec for the P85D.

Extras (aftermarket):
- Tinted Windows
- Lit up "T" on back of the car which lights up with brake lights
- Projected "Tesla" logo puddle lights front doors are opened (visible at night - can be taped off to hide projection if you don't like them)
- Additional set of floor mats (all weather, I use them to cover the factory set).
- Silicon covers for both key fobs

Based on my initial impressions of the Model 3, I am going to miss the massive performance and dual screens of the Model S, not to mention free Supercharging, but I want to try the 3 out for a while.

Asking price: $72,000 or best offer.
- Vehicle
- Both keys
- Clear title (no liens)
- Service records
- Mobile Charging Connector Included For Home Charging and Travel Charging includes many adapters.

Also, the 50k mile service is on me (to be scheduled in the next few days).

Although full warranty is almost up (by mileage), the vehicle still has the remainder of the 8 year unlimited mileage drivetrain warranty and the 15 year unlimited mileage battery warranty.

Additional Pictures:


Almost forgot - contact info:
Text or call me: (moderator edit)

And my reasons for selling:
1) I have too many cars, including other performance focused machinery already.
2) My Model 3 arrived much earlier than anticipated, I've had it for a month now. I park in an extremely crammed downtown parking garage, and I get worried people may damage the Model S, but the Model 3 is easier to park (1 foot shorter).
3) ... I'm not totally sure I want to sell it!

And if you're a serious prospective buyer, just let me know if you want the dealer to look at anything else while I have it in for service.
I'll make sure it leaves with a perfect bill of health (and fresh alignment) before going to the next owner.

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This will make your car absolutely competitive with CPO cars.

As I've been researching an ESA purchase, I've found that it's not very competitive at all with CPO. Service agreement (read: insurance) vs warranty. ESA: $200 deductible for repairs, lots of things not covered.

Would having one make deal sweeter for a buyer, absolutely. Same car private party with ESA vs CPO, not even close.
As I've been researching an ESA purchase, I've found that it's not very competitive at all with CPO. Service agreement (read: insurance) vs warranty. ESA: $200 deductible for repairs, lots of things not covered.

Would having one make deal sweeter for a buyer, absolutely. Same car private party with ESA vs CPO, not even close.

We love our P85D but I know we would not keep ours without the ESA warranty and seems like you only have a 500 mile window to decide. All I'm saying is that CPO P85D are currently start around the mid 70s with a 4 year warranty. The best way for you to compete with them IMHO is to offer the car with a 4 year warranty. Otherwise for within a few thousand someone will be deciding between your car and a CPO with 4 years of warranty coverage. Some buyers just may not even consider private party without a warranty...

A big reason we bought the ESA is to lock in the price and make it easier to sell on our own at a future time.

And same car private party vs CPO. I'd actually opt for YOUR car because I would know who owned it, see the car, and know it was not potentially abused as a service loaner rental. You actually have an advantage selling a private party car but some buyers may not touch it without the extended warranty and if you go over 50K miles, you can't add it any more.

Did I read somewhere that if you don't use the ESA, you can get the money back? If that is the case, you can buy the car and then offer it with or without the ESA at different prices. The if someone declines the ESA, you can get your money back for it.

Anyway, your call and GLWS!
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Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

I just took it to Tesla for a full service, and got the following completed:
  • 4 year / 50,000 mile service (new wiper blades, key fob batteries, checked latches, glass, firmware, chassis, powertrain, fluids)
  • Flushed cooling system for battery, changed brake fluid, AC system flush.
  • 4-wheel alignment
  • New wiper blades. New air filters
  • Replaced the moving door handle assembly on both rear doors (they say it's the #1 failure under warranty - and the fronts have already been replaced on my car)
  • Full inspection completed - available for buyer. Summary: Everything passed with flying colors, and tires & brakes both have almost new spec with minimal wear. They inspected underneath the car, axles, the screen, and other components. No concerns under warranty or upcoming.
She is perfectly ready to go!

One note, the tires that were newly added last year are Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires (all 4).

Tesla confirmed my car is eligible for the 2-year ($2,600) or 4-year ($4,750) Extended Service Agreement. Info: Vehicle Warranty | Model S and Model X
I may add it based upon the desire of potential buyers. However, I will add that with the door handle latch replacement, and the fact that mine doesn't have moonroof, Tesla advised that they don't expect to see any potential warranty issues with mine anytime soon, and I feel fully confident in its abilities. It drives significantly better than the lower mileage loaner car they gave me.

Also, I am lowering the price to $70,000 in the interest of a quicker sale to regain space. Reasonable offers are welcome.
First of all, very clean Model S with some great options. This car looks to be well cared for and is definitely ready for the new owner. The seller knows what he's doing (service center check up, newer tires, great pictures) for sure.

Recommendation: go to kbb.com and put in all the features, the mileage, mark "excellent" condition and see what private party values come up. This is an unbiased number based on data in the Kelly Blue Book system.

As a buyer ask yourself, "Self, do I really like this car and can I afford it?"

Look at the price of all the CPO cars.

Look at the price of a newer P90D.

Decide how soon you want a fantastic car and how much work you're willing to put in to find it. If this car still looks good to you then drive/fly out to see it. Meet the owner. Let him tell you all about the car and show you how well he took care of it.

Get pre-approved for at least the asking price of the car before going to look at it. If cash isn't an option of course. Make sure your bank values the car at the level you do.

Negotiate a price based on all the research you've done, then buy it and don't look back. Drive home via the SuperCharger network and have fun enjoying a good looking car that should last a long, long time.

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