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2014/2015 Fully loaded P85D+ for sale

The day I sell this car will be the worst of my life, but my plans for the near future require me to cut costs :(

The car was built on 12/31/2014 and delivered on 01/13/2015. It has all extras available at the time of purchase minus the rear facing child seats and winter package (which I think was not available at this time). Excellent AP1 :)

Car was ALWAYS hand washed by a local detailer and paint is in like new but a few chips on the hood. Wheels have a few curb rushes, otherwise all is in great shape. New drive unit due to milling noise at 60k, otherwise car is great with no troubles.

It has the PLUS suspension and next generation seats in front AND back (both not available anymore). I opted out of the extended warranty as it makes no sense to me at 4k and 200 $ deductible with many things excluded. Out of warranty costs so far 40 $ ! Unlimited miles warranty on drive train and battery until 2023 ! I am at 75.400 miles and it's my daily driver, so about 60 miles added per day until I sell.

Price: 66,666.66 US$ OBO

Please no low ball offers. This is the best car I have ever driven (911,928,M5,S600 in the past) and with the PLUS suspension I think it's the best MS Tesla ever build.


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Basically an BMW M suspension. Car rides like it is on rails.

You will see it mentioned as the performance plus package

Tesla’s Model S electric is one fine-driving sedan in regular form, but now there is the option for potentially even more electric driving fun. (Who’da thunk we’d ever say that?) The automaker has introduced the Performance Plus package, essentially a $10,000 handling kit that’s available on both the Model S and Model S Performance with either the 60- or 85-kWh battery packs. Given that we recorded 0.91 g of cornering grip in our full test of a Model S, consider us intrigued by anything that could improve on that sports-car-like figure.

The Performance Plus package is fairly comprehensive, and brings “upgraded” dampers, bushings, and anti-roll bars. It requires buyers to also order the Model S’s optional 21-inch wheels—which come with staggered-width, high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires—adding $3500 to the Performance Plus gear’s $6500 price tag. Considering you can’t discuss electric cars without talking driving range, Tesla claims that the handling goods somehow improve range by 6–12 miles relative to Performance Plus–less Model S sedans with the 21-inch wheels. Ride comfort apparently improves, as well.

We dig the way Tesla sees the Model S not just as an electric sedan, but an electric sportssedan, and applaud the introduction of Performance Plus. The car already was a capable handler but Tesla saw fit to kick it up a notch. Now that we think about it, the Model S’s 416-hp electric motor is pretty darn snappy as it is, but we wouldn’t object to boosting it for more speed.

Notice how flat it stays during aggressive driving..

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