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2014 Model S 85 - Vibration + Noise that comes and goes?

Hi all,

I’ve read lots of answers to my questions here , so thanks to all for giving so much wisdom!

This time it’s me investigating something on my 2014 Model S 85. It’s my first EV and I’m really happy and impressed with the car. Hence I want to make sure I take care of it.

ISSUE: when I’m driving (most noticeable at high speeds) I’ve noticed a vibration and sound underneath my feet. It’s like a rumbling, humming noise. But also makes the car vibrate a bit. It comes and goes every few seconds, like 2 seconds on, 1 off continuously. Can be felt on the passenger seat as well.

The funny thing is that ‘only’ happens when driving straight or to the right, but not when on a curve to the left. The vibration and sounds leaves the car when moving to the left, even slightly. Odd.

Worth mentioning that in order to drive the car straight my steering wheel needs to be hold off centre to the right couple of degrees. Will do alignment regarding this.

Is it the Bearings? Links? Suspension? Wheel alignment?

Many thanks
I had this issue which presented itself from 130kmh (80mph) and progressively got worse up until about 140kmh at which point it stayed the same. ~5sec on ~5sec off, the car felt really floaty during the shudder, pretty scary. I had my front air struts replaced for an unrelated creaking noise under warranty (they called it goodwill/service for some reason), thinking Id have an alignment afterwards. But after the repair the intermittent vibration was gone (still a very minor constant vibration left but my guess is a good finish balancing of the front wheels will fix that). Not sure what fixed it, the struts or the fact that the suspension components where reseated, but surely front suspension related.