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2014 Model S CPO Warranty

Selling my 2014 S 85. $52,000
Bought CPO from Tesla around August in LA. I had a long commute and was ready for auto pilot/HOV. Ended up getting a job in the bay area and have a 10 minute commute now

Looking to sell somewhat quickly and got an offer from Vroom.

Some details:
4 year bumper to bumper CPO warranty. 2 free years of the annual maintenance (had an issue when I first bought it) all transferable. Started August 2017
As of today 46,612 miles.
According to Tesla, the battery, drivetrain and tires has been replaced during the CPO process.
I hand wash it every week (2 bucket method) and seriously love this car.

TeslaScout - 5YJSA1H10EFP54100 - MODEL_S 85 USED 2014 - 40592 MILES 56500 USD


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Some 2014 cars are listed without autopilot in the listing sites (teslascout, ev-cpo, etc..), but can be sold with it, the VIN number is in the range of that type of cars, also it has a TP01 code that usually means that is active. Also you can check in the photos the front camera and the radar in the bumper, the hardware is there.