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2014 P85 w/ Parking sensors, 19” and 21” wheels incl.

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So long story short, my life was almost cut short recently so I’m more of a I enjoy living kind of person and recently saw it may be in the ball park for me to achieve a dream which is autopilot before I die, by way of model x.

Found one at a pretty good price so looking to sell mine, just picked it up it was a fleet vehicle to my knowledge, also I purchased from Tesla directly with their CPO program, Sept 2017. Has two year bumper to bumper and 8 year on the battery life.

This car literally had everything I wanted and more and then I drove a loaner with autopilot.

2014 Model S P85
254 +\- at 100%.
66k mi
34k vin
Fully loaded
93k at retail, can grab picture of sticker if needed, should be in garage somewhere.

Also contrary to the spec sheet it also has the sunroof as well.

Also not sure if it’s listed but has the parcel shelf thing in the trunk.

All windows Ceramic tint, have receipts for it all with lifetime warranty.

I work from home so i don’t drive it a whole bunch so miles shouldn’t vary much at all.

Aware of kbb, local listings, recently sold similar vehicles, and cpo recent price hike.

And I’m open to offers.

No “need” to sell it but recent events have lined up for a chance at an X and autopilot.

Asking $57k.
Located in SoCal

Also the colors are all vinyl it can be removed if it’s not your cup of tea, I tend to be a rather creative person, anyway thanks for reading guys.


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Still on the market? You said it has 2 years of CPO warranty? Does it have the capability to upgrade to AP? I live in Atlanta. I guess shipping is 1k?
Yeah still on the market, and yeah 2 year cpo i purchased about 6 months ago. in regards to autopilot, I made an inquiry into a guy from the forums who retro fitting his wifes he has a shop that does the retrofitting to ap1, but it was about 9k in parts, could be less as mine was newer than his wifes model but It voids the warranty and i recently had surgeries that made me not want to wait until this warranty expires so instead decided to sell and purchase one with ap1.