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2014 Tesla Model S charge port failed

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Hey I need some advice...
it was a decent 70 degree morning that had rained. car is soaked and plugged in. the car also works perfectly fine, holds charger drives lovely etc. I was in a rush to get out the door as quickly as I could. I went by the car and it auto unlocked and just before the port opened up and unlocked. I clicked the button and pulled. I went to get in the car and it says "charge port door (failed or malfunctioned). I can't charge so I get the car towed 150 miles to the nearest dealer, and it gets there, I am quoted for a new charge port. they installed it today, several days behind schedule and then I get a notification that they have installed it and they are doing final diagnostics and inspections. 20 mins later I get another message "during the final check we have found some issues occurring with the charge port. We are staging diagnosis and will update your car for diagnosis and will update you once we diagnose the issue. the code was GTW_w042. how expensive is this going to get????? SOS!
I pulled it out then closed it. got in the car, saw the warning then tried to open it through the screen, that didn't work. Then I tried the wand, it didn't work either. Then I tried every type of restart; top buttons, scroll wheels, four finger restart, then finally a complete power down through the safety menu. I could pry the door open, then saw no lights attempting to plug in. completely dead.
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Finished up with service. The charge port failed. Note to others, when it’s wet, your missing the rubber nipples on the charger, and you use total utter brute force. You will brake your charge port. I would also like to note that they charged me 620 ish for the cost for new charge port and door. Not sure about the door though, they told me it was the whole assembly.