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2014 Tesla Model S P90++ - UNIQUE: Most powerful RWD Tesla in the world

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Former Tesla Tinkerer
Feb 23, 2014
2014 Tesla Model S P100++
VIN: 5YJSA1H12EFP28615

The most powerful rear-wheel drive Tesla in the world.
The first and only truly performance tuned Tesla Model S in the world.



  • Mileage: ~65,200 miles
    • Battery pack mileage: Updated: ~15000 miles
    • Drive unit mileage: ~27,000 miles
  • Battery pack: 100 kWh w/Ludicrous
  • Exterior Color: 3M Glossy Yellow Vinyl Wrap (Paint underneath is Tesla Pearl White)
  • Interior: White Alcantara with Carbon Fiber
  • Front seats: Next Gen Black Leather
  • Rear seats: Performance Black Leather (red piping)
  • Center console: Tesla’s add-on front console (piano black)
  • Suspension: Coil
  • Wheels/Tires: 21” Grey Turbine w/ContiSilent (non-staggered)
  • Charging: 80A (Dual Gen2 40A chargers), Free Supercharging (Life)
  • Roof: Pano glass power sunroof
  • Misc options
    • Tech package
    • Premium interior lighting
    • HID headlights
    • Power rear liftgate
    • Carbon fiber rear spoiler
    • Large RWD front trunk
  • Rated range: ~270 miles at 100% charge (important: actually better, see notes below)
  • Title: Clean, no liens, North Carolina
  • Remaining warranty: None from Tesla (edit: see below about pack warranty)
  • Connectivity: Official LTE upgrade
  • Keys: Two

  • Full Autopilot v1 retrofit
    • Bosch iBooster brake assist
    • Gen2 traction control setup (amazing with the RWD performance)
    • Gen2 steering controls
    • Gen2 Instrument Cluster
    • Front camera
    • 12 ultrasonic sensors
    • Forward radar
    • Lots of details here: Autopilot Retrofit on Classic P85 | wk057's SkieNET
  • 30+% performance increase vs stock
    • Modified vehicle firmware
    • Hardware added to enhance rear drive unit performance
    • Actual power output better than the original P85D... in a RWD car
    • 553 RWHP, 480 ft/lb of torque (dyno pull)
      • 456kW @ pack (611 "battery HP").
    • 0-60 in 3.37s (possibly better)
    • Lots of details in this thread: P85 modded to be a P85 w/Ludicrous

Asking price: $150,000 OBO
Entertaining reasonable offers

  • Delivery to the continental US included in asking price.
  • Delivery to Europe, including retrofit to European specs (including 3-phase 32A charging and EU supercharging) included in asking price.
  • Discounted delivery available worldwide. Modifications required for compliance in the destination country (besides Europe), if any, will be at the buyer’s expense.


Hello everyone!

Today I’ve decided to list my one of a kind Model S for sale. I’ve been considering it for a long time and, admittedly, I’m kind of attached to the car. I’ve put quite a lot of work into it over the years and have taken very good care of it.

Now for someone looking for a cheap deal on a slightly earlier Model S, look elsewhere. This Model S is truly one of a kind and my asking price reflects that. I’ve had people make some pretty substantial offers on the car in the past, which I’ve previously declined. Suffice it to say, it’s certainly worth far more than its VIN range would say.

This car started its life in January 2014 as a P85 rear-wheel drive performance Model S. It has since been modified to include Autopilot v1 and substantial performance modifications. The autopilot retrofit was also unofficially recognized by Tesla on this car and eventually the option was enabled internally on Tesla’s side (“gifted”) so that the car receives Autopilot “tile” updates. Honestly, I considered that a pretty high honor given Tesla’s stance on modifications in general. Also, Tesla is allowed to perform service on the autopilot system and has done the official calibration procedures when needed.

Tesla, however, will no longer touch the rear motor or battery on this car. Both have been replaced. The rear motor was actually swapped as a warranty replacement in December 2016. Tesla replaced the unit with a brand new unit at the time. It just so happened that this unit was compatible with the dual motor cars as well, a fact that is partly to help with my performance gains.

The battery pack is a 100 kWh OEM Ludicrous (1760A) Tesla battery pack.

The motor and other vehicle software have been modified so that the rear motor can accept a whopping 1420A peak input current, vs the ~1100A of the normal P85.

Part of my modifications cause the car to believe it is a dual motor car. This means it is capable of using both the Launch Mode and Max Battery Power features. As far as I’m aware, this is the only RWD Tesla in existence capable of doing so.

Regenerative braking has also been tweaked on this car significantly, resulting in a huge efficiency gain depending on battery pack SoC. Near the center of the SoC range the car can reach well over 100kW of regen under ideal conditions.

Overall, the car is a monster for a RWD Tesla. It holds its own against a P85D, and it smokes a P85D from a roll and wins in the 1/4 mile. Non-performance dual motor Teslas, and every RWD variant of the Model S don't have a chance.

It is quite literally the most powerful rear-wheel drive Tesla in the world. It has dyno’d at 553 HP at the rear wheels with 480 ft/lbs of torque. This is before I made some additional tweaks which have shown a bit more power consumption, which would proportionally increase performance. I estimate actual max battery power peak RWHP to be closer to 575HP now, but have not had time to confirm this.

The range on the dash is shown as if the car were a dual motor performance car (P100D). However, the car doesn’t actually have a front motor, so it is lighter and more efficient. I recently completed an 1,140 mile trip with the car showing an average usage of 287 Wh/mi. The last leg was 241 miles at an average speed of 74 MPH at 283 Wh/mi. Keep in mind the original P85 had a rated mile of 295 Wh/mi and the P100D 310 Wh/mi. So, basically, the rated miles this car shows are “worth” more power… and thus far closer to real mileage. I can safely get in this car and drive mile per mile what the dash shows for range and not worry about range. Specifically, I even drive up I-77 and I-81 through the mountains between my home and the Lexington, VA supercharger non-stop now with this car (over 240 miles) at full highway speed (~75-80 MPH) without worrying about range. Realistically, this car would show about 285 miles of rated range at 100%...but I’ve preferred to leave it showing the dual motor rated miles anyway.

Some caveats go with the modifications.

First, which should be obvious, this car is past its 50,000 mile warranty already. Also, the battery and drive unit are modified and thus no longer covered under warranty by Tesla. Therefore, there is absolutely no remaining Tesla warranty on this car. See my note below about a personal warranty on the battery pack.

The car is still serviceable by Tesla, however, at the owner’s expense. They have not blacklisted the car due to the modifications, thankfully The normal Tesla mobile app works normally, it has LTE connectivity from Tesla, free supercharging, etc.

Also, the car’s firmware is locked to an early version of v8.0. Specifically, the final beta/EAP version v8.0 (103.53.1). Since the firmware has been modified, the performance enhancements I’ve done would have to be disabled entirely (reverting the car back to a normal P85) in order to update the firmware, as well as modifying and applying all of my modifications to the newer firmware. So, this car will not receive any further firmware updates. Fortunately, there hasn’t been anything of note, in my opinion, released since this version that would make upgrading enticing.

Finally, the systems on this car are, obviously, hacked/rooted. Access to the onboard internal diagnostics screens and settings are available, among other things. The car is also currently connected to my personal network, and can remain connected indefinitely (if desired) to facilitate more advanced remote features and stats via my own little web app. I’m also willing to provide some ongoing support and assistance with this car personally, within reason, should the buyer desire it to remain on my network.

I’ll note that the vinyl wrap was redone about two years ago. It does need some minor touching up in a few places around closures, mainly, but nothing overly obvious. The white paint has had vinyl protecting it for the majority of the car’s life and is pristine.

I could go on more about the car, but suffice it to say I’ve reached the limits of what I’m willing to do with the car performance and modification wise. It’s an awesome car to drive. It launches like a performance dual motor car, and has passing power as good or better than any other Tesla than the P100D. At this point I’d like to move on to other somewhat related projects instead of dumping more money into this car.

Considering the uniqueness of this particular car, and all of my efforts involved with it, my asking price is $150,000. I’ll entertain reasonable offers, however. I’ve had some similar offers in the past for the car, and at the time I was not willing to part with it. At this point, I do need to move on to more important projects.

Service history available to buyer if desired.

Any questions, please PM me or ask here. There is a lot of info about this car scattered around. See my Youtube channel, Twitter, and my posts here for info.

I haven’t really taken any sale-specific photos for the car, but I have plenty of random photos from the recent past that should suffice. I’ll try to take some more photos later on and add them to the Dropbox album below.

Also, I don’t plan on keeping this car listed for sale for very long. If it doesn’t sell in the very near future I’ll just end up keeping it most likely.

Thanks for looking!


P.S. - Proceeds from the sale of this car will likely go towards R&D for my next Tesla performance tune. :cool:


Dropbox photo album:
Dropbox - P28615

Misc links:
A look at the first real tuned-Tesla Model S: P85 turned into a ‘P90++’ with 30% more horsepower
Dyno Testing Tuned Tesla Model S P90++ (Video)
Tesla Inc (TSLA) Owner Turns His Model S P85 into P90++
Tesla Hacker adds Autopilot to a first-gen "classic" Model S
Tesla Hacker Changes Color of the Model S to Match Wrap
Recharge Wrap-up: Cow-colored Tesla Model X, Autopilot retrofit

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Definitely some contention about my asking price from people privately so far.

I'll reiterate, I'm entertaining reasonable offers. I don't expect to sell this car for my asking price, as much as I would like to. If you're seriously interested in the car, just make me an offer and I'll seriously consider it.

Oh, and I may consider accepting a Tesla vehicle traded towards part of the sale price, depending on what you would expect for such a trade, condition, specs, etc.

I realized I'm in a unique position to offer a personal warranty on the battery pack itself against failure.

So, if the car remains connected to my network, no further modifications are done, etc, and the battery pack fails within 2 years of purchase (no funny business!) I will personally replace it at my shop at no cost. You just have to get the car to me in Hickory, NC.

Obviously won't cover degradation or anything crazy. In general, if the car can be driven I don't consider it a pack failure.
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Cool car, but I highly doubt you will get anywhere your asking price. If I was in your shoes, I would start jogging the memory banks and calling back all those people that made you offers before.

I've reached out to them. As stated, I don't expect to get my asking price. I have a minimum in mind, but again, I'm entertaining offers. I will consider any reasonable offer. I may not accept it, but I will consider it.

So anyone interested, just shoot me a number and we'll negotiate. I'm pretty easy to get along with. :)

Will Tesla honor the drivetrain warranty if there is a problem with it in the future, considering that the firmware and "hardware" has been modified? My expectation is that Tesla will not honor that warranty for this vehicle. So, caveat emptor...

I thought I had made this clear in the first post:

Remaining warranty: None from Tesla (edit: see below about pack warranty)
First, which should be obvious, this car is past its 50,000 mile warranty already. Also, the battery and drive unit are modified and thus no longer covered under warranty by Tesla. Therefore, there is absolutely no remaining Tesla warranty on this car. See my note below about a personal warranty on the battery pack.
Already got 4 cars with a 3 on the way but I wish you luck finding the dream buyer that appreciates the work you put into the car!

You should seriously consider putting a video series together with tutorials on how you did all of this! Or even better do some kind of online course on TMC. I want to learn how you did all these incredible mods and hacks!! I hold a degree in CS but I have no idea...they don't teach this stuff in school. Definitely inspired by your work...really want to do the projects you do someday.
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The day has come where my dream Tesla has gone on sale....

and I haven't yet won the lottery to buy it :(

Assuming you'd be looking for a cash/one payment deal, best of luck to you finding the right buyer and jealous of the future owner!
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So, been a fun first day of fielding questions and comments on this. Reception has been interesting.

Most comments are, somewhat understandably, around the high asking price.

I think part of the scoffing along those lines stems from a misunderstanding over the depth of the performance modifications to the vehicle. I probably am a bit at fault there, since I'm not always the best at explaining such things. Suffice it to say this project was not a matter of flipping a few bits in software and whatnot in order to bump performance. There are many reasons why still no one else has managed to actually tune a Tesla. It's not easy. The modifications here are quite extensive in both hardware and software. Many details had to be taken into consideration when performing any of the modifications. Overall, I likely have hundreds of hours of work into research, development, software, hardware, etc related to this car.

As a minor example, dual motor Tesla's have four coolant pumps vs three in the RWD cars. In the P90++ I decided to add the fourth pump in a way where it can be used to increase the coolant flow rate through the drive unit. This helps with the increased heat in the stator during heavy usage at the higher peak currents.

Another concern seems to be about longevity of the modified components. I guess I didn't make this clear either. None of my modifications were done in a way where component life expectancy was sacrificed for performance. (Exception: rear tires.) I've done extensive testing and research to ensure that everything would function perfectly in the system, and have tweaked and tuned every aspect of the modifications to reflect this. Personally, I expect this car to outlast every other similarly aged RWD Tesla out there.

Overall, I'd say it's a positive reception. But really, if you don't want to buy the car no one's forcing you to. If you do, talk to me and we'll work something out.

Edit: Additionally, after some discussion, I've decided to include free delivery to Europe, including a European spec retrofit, should a buyer in Europe want the car. :cool:
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I love the car and everything you've done but you're selling the coolness factor and that's it. You need to figure out what that's worth over the cost of say a run of the mill used P85D/ P90D. Is it $20,000? $70,000? Is it slightly less than a comparable used stock car? As cool as this car is, and it's freaking cool, at the end of the day it's a well hacked together Frankenstein with capabilities that are probably marginally less than that of a comparable used PxxD but at a much higher price and with much more potential for expensive problems. I wonder how you or anyone else values that so I don't blame you for shooting for the stars and seeing what kind of offers you get.
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Got a kick out of this person's comment on Electrek. Hopefully they don't mind me quoting them here :p

Rebrand your strategy! A few potential selling points:

1. "Get a unique piece of a car no one will ever have (with a truly one-of-a-kind color)"
2. "Help a madly gifted EV enthusiast by funding his quest to out-Tesla Tesla (look at his track record: he will certainly achieve it)"
3. "Meet the creator himself (dreaming of hanging out with Elon is so passé), he will even take care of his baby himself (Elon won't)"
So, been a fun first day of fielding questions and comments on this. Reception has been interesting.

Most comments are, somewhat understandably, around the high asking price.

Not sure why people are in any position to complain about the price or whatever your reserve is that you would accept. If they aren't serious buyers, they are removed completely from the equation of consideration. You go on and just ignore all those negative PM's.
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