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2015 Model S P85DL+, FUSC, Stinger VIP Extreme


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Sep 30, 2015
Seattle area, WA
I just picked up a new car, so going to be selling my 2015 Model S. Some description highlights:
  • White with tan Next Gen seats and 19" wheels
  • May 2015 production (battery warranty until 5/15/2023, unlimited mileage)
  • Transferable Free Unlimited Supercharging
  • 48K miles
  • Ludicrous upgrade installed by Tesla (0-60 in ~3s)
  • Sport Air Suspension (probably one of the last few manufactured with it)
  • Stinger VIP radar/laser countermeasures (radar detection with directional alerts, laser detection and jamming) - very stealth install using Stinger fiber lasers. It's the last generation of Stinger VIP Extreme with front+rear radar and laser
  • Tech Package with AutoPilot
  • Dual chargers (80A / 19.2KW AC charging at home or on the road)
  • Sub zero package (heated steering wheel, wipers, windshield, all seats)
  • LTE upgrade along with MCU recall done
  • Tinted windows
  • Garaged all of its life
  • Single owner since new
I haven't researched latest prices, I know they've dropped since the pandemic, but will do that this weekend. If anyone out there is looking for one, PM me.
Ok, as promised, I did some research. KBB comes back with the following:

but KBB doesn't price in the following extras:
  • Transferrable Free Unlimited Supercharging (given price of supercharging, that's a really good one to have)
  • Dual chargers (80A/19.2KW AC charging) - in a pinch, should one charger fail in the future, Tesla can just disable one and you can use the other to charge at 40A without paying for a new charger
  • Stinger VIP Extreme front+back radar detector, and front lidar detector+jammer (~$15K installed back then, today probably more, as current generation hardware itself went up from $6K to $9K for same setup)
  • Blackview 24/7 dashcam - this is AP1 car, so no built in dash or sentry mode, though I also installed the same in my wife's Model S which does have sentry mode, just more reliable
  • window tint - side and back. Note, tint on front is lighter, 30%, VLT while back is 18% - do that it doesn't interfere with night driving or auto-dimming mirrors.
  • extra trunk lighting which I have been installing in all 4 of my Model S as the factory trunk is very dark, even with premium lighting. This is a small thing, but somehow it was one of the very first things I installed in all 4 of our Model S
All applicable recalls are done on the car, including the MCU which I did recently.

Some pictures of the car I took this Saturday:






The car is a very good shape, garaged all its life (where it spend most of its time, plugged in so not using the battery for upkeep). There are some minor scuffs on the wheels, a couple of small stone chips (aluminum body, so no rust of course). Given the above, the car's condition and included extras, I think the extras should easily bring the car to the top of the KBB estimate, so starting the car at $51,271. First buyer to offer this gets it. I will also be exploring offers from usual suspects (carvana, vroom, etc.), as well as a possibility of trading it early for another car I have on order (that would retain me the current trade-in value + 10% sales tax credit towards the new car, whenever it arrives - I waited 20 months for the Taycan!).

Lastly, just for the curious, the car at the bottom left is what is replacing this Model S (still keeping the Model S on the right). I know it looks a little dirty, but I just finished a 3,500 mile drive across the USA in it - a good way to get to know your car, test it out. Taycan passed the test, so it replaces the Model S. In case you are wondering, I did consider a Model S Plaid but just could not get passed the yoke. Even the round steering wheel option offered now is still stalkless, so worst of both worlds to me. Felt a little sad cleaning out the Model S, as I did a "get to know the car" coast-to-coast round-trip in it long ago when I got it, had some real good times with it. Hopefully the next owner will too. WARNING! This car will spoil you. I could have had a lower trim Taycan earlier, but P85DL+ 0-60 in 3s just spoiled me, so waited 20 months for a Taycan Turbo so that it is not a step down in performance.
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After talking with some dealers, adjusting the price to $46,999 to account for the recent car market adjustment which sources like KBB apparently have not factored into their algorithms yet, and the fact that that's winter, which is a slower car buying time. The price is lower than what the dealer would list it for, higher than what they would pay me for it.
You should say "Performance+ Suspension"
This is a different feature than the "Smart Air Suspension" (which your car also obviously has)

So I’m confused I owned a 2015 P85D+ and the Performance Plus Suspension ended in April. After researching on here I noticed you post a lot about the +suspension. How could this possibly have it with a manufacturer date of May when non after April had it? And it seems like his code would be that of sas suspension. Please elaborate how you believe he had it on this S? Based on your other posts it seems impossible for this to have had Performance Plus Suspension which I also agree after owning a bunch of Tesla’s, mainly Model S’s was easily the best and most expensive S ever made if you don’t count the cost of more expensive 100 batteries. They used actual leather seats I believe Nappa leather back then plus the rear seats were the better ones. Did this have the better rear seats I didn’t see it pictured and if they we not than it definitely did not have + suspension. If it had the flat rear seats that exactly when the plus suspension ended and the rear seats changed