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2015 P85D suddenly stopped charging ?

My P85D is scheduled to charge each night at 10p and has been doing so reliably until recently. It's been parked since 20 Feb waiting on mobile service to repair the drivers door handle. When he arrived today he found the car totally dead - both Hv and 12v dead. 12v battery was replaced about 2 years ago, Hv is original.

Teslafi Logs indicate:
20 Feb > 26 Mar: charging properly each night at 10p for 12 mins to recover 4 miles of phantom loss. Set to charge to 71%.
27 Mar: Did not charge for the first time.
28 Mar > 15 Apr: Did not charge. Lost 4 miles per day but would not charge. Charger has had power, no interruptions, no breakers tripped, etc.
15 Apr: Hv has now reached 0% charge.

That I'm aware of I received no notifications from either Tesla or Teslafi of it not charging when it was supposed to.

He put the 12v on a charger and after a few minutes was able to get in the dead car, get it booted, turn off the charger schedule and after a couple of failed attempts get it to start charging again.

Any thoughts on what could have caused it to suddenly stop charging? Charger has had power, he said it was plugged in properly. It was on 2020.40.x. I have had some problems with the car being shut down when I got in and had to wait on it to boot but that previously hadn't affected charging. MCU/eMMC was replaced in March 2020.
What do the logs say? Tesla should have access to those. You can also try a full restart: With your foot on the brake, press and hold the two center scroll wheels for 10 seconds and release them. The center screen should restart.

I recommend you check your car via the app too from time to time when you are not using your car (e.g. if you're traveling). You can start charging from it also.
Logs would tell you everything, and everything else would be a guess. My completely random guesses would be:
  • eMMC froze and your car was stuck in some state that would require a reboot (Probably wouldn't drain 4 miles a day though if this was the case, unless it got stuck in some loop)
  • If you are using a Mobile charger (Gen1?): Charger acted up and 'died' and needed to be power cycled some reset somehow.

Would need to look deeper at the log to see if things were still getting logged between the times it wasn't charging each night (or is there a missing gap of events?). Also look at the logs as why "after a couple of failed attempts get it to start charging again."

Something like this has never happened to me before but check out these posts:
Actually, Do you park your car outside and it's cold? 2020.48 lack of sleep and bizarre charging issues
it was confirmed to be a software bug by my local SC - due to the cold weather the car was trying to pull too little current (because the battery was cold and unable to take charge) which then caused the charger to switch off, thinking there was no demand for power. The bug meant that the battery heater didn't come on straight away, which would have pulled plenty of current for the charger to be happy and stop the problem. it has since been resolved with 2020.48 software.

Note: I misread the phantom drain. It has been 9.19 miles / day for the past several months, not 4 miles / day.

eMMC was replaced in March 2020 and currently appears to be working OK. Agree that the car shouldn't have continued to 9 miles/day drain w/ frozen MCU.

Using 72A wall charger. It had power continuously throughout so it wasn't power to the charger.

Tesla pulled the logs beginning on 15 March (12 days prior to fist non-charge) and says the logs do not indicate anything related to this.

Good find on the cold weather software bug. It was parked in a heated garage that never goes below 42°f and Teslafi indicates inside temp of 62°f during the period for at least 3 days prior to stopping charging and until at least 3 days after stopping charging.
One interesting bit I noticed is that it has not slept in quite some time. It appears it slept on 2/2/2021 for 1 minute (immediately prior to a drive) and prior to that on 1/29/2021 for 1 minute (random time between two parks). I didn't notice any sleeps after 2/2/2021.

Here is the last day it charged properly. Previous 30 days are largely identical. It was parked in our garage waiting on service to repair the drivers door handle.

All subsequent days until it reached 0% SOC. No charge indicator on these days. It should have begun to charge at 10p as it had been doing for prior several months. Phantom on this day was 8.84 though all subsequent days were about 9.19.

Nothing changed from weeks prior to this nor for weeks after except for it stopping charging. It was parked in the garage.

Some interesting raw data:

- normal charging session.


- Charge Enable Request went 1 @ 10p as expected, BUT, Time To Full Charge went to 0. And stayed 0 forever. Charger phases and other indicators of charging did not change as expected. The charger should have had power so it wouldn't seem to be a lack of power to the charger. Port is still engaged.

- Charge Enable Request then stayed at 1 continuously. It should have changed to 0 @ 4a, which is the end of my rate period, but it stayed at 1.

- Scheduled Charging Pending changed to 0. But then stayed 0 forevermore. At some point I assume it should have changed back to 1 since a charge was needed.


- For some reason it did not attempt to charge on this day nor any day after.

- Time to full charge has been 0 for some reason. I'd think it should have increased to about 0.50 by this point.

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