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2015 S Accelerator Pedal Too Stiff

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Lately my right foot has been paining from even the shortest of drives. It seems the accelerator pedal is very stiff and having to hold it pressed constantly during coasting to counter regen does not help. I thought it was just me, but when my car went in for service this past weekend, they gave me an early 2016 85 whichs pedal was very noticeably easier to press. Same goes for my 3. Calling the service center of course was no help saying them saying it "works as designed." I never had this issue with my car until relatively recently.

Any other model S owners from mid 2015 who have similar issues? Is there any way to reduce the tension in the accelerator? Would the "performance pedals" help?

I'm starting to get desperate as the car feels undrivable this way.

The pedal is from a Ford Fusion ironically. There is no adjustment on it and the performance pedals are not going to make a difference. It's possible the return spring is a bit stiff you could bring it up to your local service center they may replace it for you.
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