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2015 S85D vs 2018 S75D

Just got delivery of our 2018 S75D last week, and have been comparing it to our '15 85D. Both cars are on 2018.6.1
Lighted visors are a nice change.
I see little difference between AP1 and AP2. AP2 has all the functionality of AP1. The difference is AP2 is much smoother when braking for the leading car. Lanes changes are quicker and smoother. Have not had any problems with reading speed limit signs, in fact both cars for some reason think there is a speed limit sign in my garage for 45MPH.
The rear camera seems to be better on the 75D, I'm wondering if the resolution is increased and FPS has increased.
Had two days of rain, and the auto wipers worked exceptionally well, however did not drive at night in the rain.
Over all we are very satisfied with the new car. No more ICE!
Hmmm... I was not aware that 85D models were able to be uncorked as well

They were all provided an update sometime in 2015 and instantly all had new times. It wasn’t called uncorking at that time. Purely software OTA. One day a message appeared on an update ‘Congratations...your Tesla will now accelerate at 0-100km at 4.4sec’. Used to be 5.2.


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I am forever in search of a pre April 2015 85D 0-60 or quartermile runlog for the Performance Metrics. My guess is that torque and max power changed but not battery amperage. I think Powertools came out before April so it could happen.
I recently replaced my 2015 85D with a 2018 100D. I do feel that the 100D is noticeably quieter. The MCU2 is much faster, enough to make the browser actually usable. I think the overall fit and finish is better on the 100D. The extra 70 miles of range is a real game changer for me. 1-3 times per month I need to take a 270 mile round trip for business. I can now easily make the trip without stopping to charge. I think the car is more energy efficient, getting much closer to the rated miles of charge than the 85 did.
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