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2015 Tesla Model S 60 - Extended Test Drive and Event Rental

2015 Tesla Model S 60 - Extended Test Drive and Event Rental

As the owner of a 2015 Tesla Model S 60, I make my car available for extended test drives on a daily rental basis, for photo and commercial shoots, social events, weddings and anywhere someone wants to experience the Model S and make a statement doing so!

The car is rented through Turo (Turo.com) and you can find the link on my website: www.gaeventures.com. They provide liability and physical damage insurance during the rental period. It takes about 5 business days to clear through Turo so plan ahead. My listing has an up to date calendar.

Atlanta is a perfect place to take an extended test drive with Superchargers at Atlantic Station (10 stalls) and at the Tesla Store in Decatur (4 stalls).

This car has been window tinted, body armor (hood, fenders, rear kick up) and has OptiCoat Pro so it looks clean and glossy all the time.

2015 Tesla Model S 60
Metallic Blue exterior with solid roof
Nex Gen Grey front AND rear seats (very rare)
Obeche Gloss dash and yacht floor
Power Lifegate
Air Suspension
Michelin Primacy Tires
Supercharging enabled

For photo shoots, social events appearance rentals, you can pay me directly through my SQUARE account. Based on your needs and my time investment to get you the vehicle and return it, we can agree on an event day rate (minimum $250.00).

Test drive rentals must go through Turo (hey they protect both of us!).

List Date: 7/24/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2015 Tesla Model S 60 - Extended Test Drive and Event Rental
On Sale For: $199.00


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Nicely optioned car! How does the liability insurance work for Relay Rides? When we went to SF we almost rented a Tesla but got turned off by the Relay Rides insurance coverage options. Generally when we rent, we prefer to get the liability insurance for peace of mind so that our own insurance is completely kept out of the picture . With what Relay Rides was offering, you can pay for liability insurance that completely covers the car BUT it had a stipulation that it has to first go through your own insurance policy and theirs would kick in for any difference. I didn't see the point in paying them for liability coverage when it is our insurance company that is essentially on the hook.

Has there been any changes to their liability coverage options so that you can pay extra for liability coverage like you'd do with a rental company and they cover the car filly without it acting as fallback to your own insurance?

We are planning a trip to GA later this year and would love to rent your car if Rely Rides offers full and comprehensive insurance at an additional cost.
Here is what I got back from RelayRides:
Thanks for your interest in RelayRides! Let me try to answer any questions and concerns you may have about insurance and listing your car on our marketplace.
You can find detailed support documents outlining our insurance and protection policies in the Policies section (http://support.relayrides.com/forums/20503523-Insurance-Damage) of our Support forums. These and the Terms of Service are the only documents that have legal effect for the marketplace. One entry you may find particularly useful is here:

As a convenience, below is another summary of some of the insurance-related topics:
Basically, your car is protected anytime it is on a Booked Trip. Booked Trips are trips with a green border around them which says 'Booked'; Pending Trips or Inquiries are NOT Booked Trips. Providing your keys to a renter whose trip hasn't been Booked means your vehicle is not insured!
The amount of protection you receive is not dependent on the protection package the renter selects; whether the renter chooses Premium or Basic protection, or Declines, your vehicle will still be covered by our insurance plan.
The renter is typically not responsible for normal wear-and-tear (http://support.relayrides.com/entri...ible-for-normal-wear-and-tear-of-the-vehicle-). You must report any damage within 24 hours of the end of the trip in order for it to be eligible for coverage. It's also your responsibility to check the renter's driver's license at the start of the trip. We’ve found that the best way to avoid potential disagreements about damage is to do a walk-around at the start and end of the trip and discuss any discrepancies or perceived damage with the renter directly. We have a form available for you to use to document this at: http://support.relayrides.com/attachments/token/wcjdtdas4y2rq9a/?name=RR_trip_checklist.pdf
We encourage you to read about our damage and insurance policies extensively -- you can find the information here:

After reviewing those materials, let us know if you have further questions.