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2015 Tesla P85D (Ludicrous+) w/Extras - 54k Miles - For Sale! $52k

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For sale is a 2015 Tesla Model S P85DL. This car has 53,700 miles. Miles will go up slightly as the car is driven.

Fantastic Condition, I am the second owner. Clear title / accident free. Looks like a new car inside & out - very clean & well kept.

This car has the Ludicrous+ upgrade, which takes you 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. 85kWh performance battery pack with AWD dual motors. This car is unlike any other car I've ever driven or been in before!

Refer to the many youtube videos of Tesla's with ludicrous mode to see what these cars can do (if you don't already know).

Included with the car is a mobile connector 110v, and a Tesla HPWC unit!

The car is in perfect mechanical condition, every option works. The vehicle drives flawlessly. Car is privately owned & extremely well taken care of.

Free unlimited lifetime supercharging, as well as free lifetime connectivity package (both fully transferrable). This vehicle has the LTE data connection.

The car has autopilot v1, which enables Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Front Collision Warning and Lane Departure Avoidance.

Warranty on battery / drive units (8 year/unlimited miles) good through 2023.

Performance Factory Options :
85 kWh Performance Model S Dual Motor ($105,000)
Ludicrous Mode+ Upgrade ($7,500)
Smart Air Suspension ($2,500)
Autopilot v1 ($2,500)

Exterior Factory Options :
All glass panoramic roof ($1,500)
21" Carbon Gray Wheels ($4,500)
Carbon Fiber Spoiler ($1,000)

Interior Factory Options :
Black Next Gen Seats ($2,500)
Carbon Fiber Decor ($2,500)
Premium Interior Package ($3,000)
Ultra High Fidelity Sound ($2,500)
Subzero Weather Package ($1,000)

Original MSRP was $128,200. Add the $7,500 ludicrous upgrade and you're looking at $135,700.

The car comes with dual onboard chargers (for charging up to 80amps at home), as well as unlimited lifetime fully transferrable supercharging. Includes Mobile charging kit (standard 110 plug for home) as well as HPWC.

Extras included with the vehicle :
HPWC (High Powered Wall Connector) ($500)
Escort 9500ci fully integrated radar detector system ($2,000)
-Includes rearview mirror integrated display ($500)
-Professionally installed
BlackVue DRG650 Dash Cam ($500)
-Front and rear cameras, 1080P. Detachable. Wireless or MicroSD transfer of video.
-Professionally installed, very discreet, placed behind rear view mirror
Tesla OEM Premium Center Console ($1250)
-Black leather sides
-Phone charging dock (USB-C cable included) (other compatible phone connectors available for $14 on Tesla site)
Tesla OEM Premium Rear Center Console ($650)
-Black leather
-Removable, also can be mounted with seatbelt strap to secure in place
Tesla Panaromic Roof Sunshades ($120)
Evvanex Lighted "T" for front and rear Tesla logos ($500)
-Professionally installed
-Front T turns on with vehicle (remote control operated if want to change settings/disable)
-Rear T turns on with vehicle, increased brightness activated when brakes applied
New 3DMaxpider all-weather laser measured floor mats ($180)
-OEM carpeted floor mats also included
Tesla OEM rubber mats for "frunk" & rear wells ($140)
Tesla OEM Performance Pedal Set ($150)

Recent service :
12v battery replaced by Tesla 2 months ago
MCU (Media control unit) eMMC upgrade service performed by tesla 2 months ago

Things to mention :
Tiny rock chip on hood (barely noticeable, expected for any used car with these miles in my opinion)
Slight curb rash to edge of one of the wheels.

Asking $52,000. Any questions or requests for additional photos feel free to reach out.