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2016.5 Model S Front Camber increase

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Despite searching, I can't find a clear cut and readily available market product to go from -1deg to -2deg camber in the front of my Tesla Model S. My driving tears up the outside shoulder of the tires on most cars at any value more positive than -1.5deg. -1 is maxed out as-is with the stock parts. What is available?

I'm only seeing rear camber kits where people want to go more positive with their camber. I don't need to adjust the rear alignment and definitely don't need to go more positive.
Never heard of anyone having outside shoulder wear, esp on the fronts. That’s why there are no adjustable camber arms for the front. Tire pressure check? Had an alignment performed recently? Both front tires wearing like that?
Tire pressure is ok. I end up changing OEM alignment specs on every performance car I drive due to driving nearer the top of the performance envelope.

The outside shoulders wear as they're heavily loaded during high G cornering. I typically end up near -1.5 to -2.5 for street cars and more at the racetrack.
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I'm sorry for your troubles, but you're kind of my hero


I mean, if you lower the car, you'll get more negative camber....

Beyond that, you could replace your upper strut mount with an adjustable one like this (seller mentions it fits mcpherson style air struts, which the S has), but I've never tried it:

Camber Plates (D2-CP)

Lowering the car would effect rear camber as well and I have obstacles on my commute. Further lowering is not a good option for me.

Those camber plates are for a macpherson strut application, which the Tesla Model S is not. Camber is dictated by the control arm geometry in this case. Offset bushings are a common option for many applications. Extended lower ball joints are common. This case would likely be best served by a longer lower control arm (2).

Ah you’re right, I was getting the S confused with my other car. In that case the only option I can think of other than custom machined control arms might be to press in an eccentric mounting bolt, if you can find one that fits. But I’m not aware of any.