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2016.5 Modle S 60D

Just to quickly filter through buyer for this car it has a rebuilt title.
Specs 2016.5 facelift
75 kw battery
Software is 2018 10.4
Winter package 5 heated seats and steering wheel
19 inch slip streams custom painted
Roof glass with sunroof
Miles 7,500 driven daily
Dual motors
AP 2.0 that works flawless
Sumunes feature
Free supercharging also works flawless
Supported by the Tesla app
I'm sure truelly interested buyer will have a million questions private message me.
Asking 58,000
Reason for sale Model x for the wife
Drive it home!!
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even with the clean look and somewhat decent features, Tesla will never support it past the software point that it is now. Also 58K seems a bit high for a salvage title which means the car has already been fully paid off by the insurance company. In any case, GLWS
Can you advise as to the warranty status? I know that salvage title voids manufacturer warranty and, I believe, a rebuilt title is simply a salvage title that has been "rebuilt." I suspect that rebuilt title means no manufacturer warranty but that would be good to know.
I know there's some caveat that you can pay something like $2,500 to have them inspect it, and supposedly recertify it, such that they will touch it again (I doubt that means they will warranty it though). I often see people selling rebuilt cars mention this, in the context of "it's in perfect shape, just pay Tesla $2,500 to re-certify it", which makes me think "if that's all that's necessary, why don't *YOU* pay them to inspect and re-certify it, then you can sell it as a car that has been re-certified by Tesla instead of as a rebuilt car, which would certainly increase the value by more than $2,500". At least that's what pops into my head....

This is a nice looking car. Personally I don't think I'd touch a salvaged vehicle. Perhaps it would help if pictures were available of what it was salvaged for....
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So is it 58k, or . . . 52k?
2017 tesla s 60D with autopilot

It's REALLY REALLY hard to get Tesla to recert a car. All the frame damage must be repaired to their specs (alum joints have to be glued, riveted with specific rivets, etc.). If ANYTHING is out of spec, the car fails. There are also two fees: 1) the fee for the Tesla certified bodyshop to take the car apart and photograph specific frame joints and sections and send to Tesla, and put the car back together, and then 2) the fee for Tesla to look at those pictures and their engineers to put a stamp of approval on it or not. In the end, you may go through the expense and still not get a certified car.

One thing that is interesting about this listing, if true, is that the Tesla mobile app still works. That is usually one of the first things to get discontinued. Is this the original Tesla app, or some 3rd party app like Ingineer's app?

Pre-crash pictures? Interior pictures? VIN?
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