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2017 Model S 75D - Midnight silver, Black rims, Carbon Trim, Ceramic Tint - Lease Swap

I'm looking to swap out of the lease on my 2017 Model S 75D.
  • Currently at 4,074 miles
  • 10k miles a month, 30 months remaining
  • Payments are $1065 / mo
  • Looks, smells, and drives new, No kids, non-smoking.
  • 19in T-sportline Turbine Rims (Gloss Black).
  • Original silver 19in turbine rims included, brand new condition
  • Llumar Ceramic CTX tint (35% front, 15% rear)
  • All the features you want: upgraded sound, black leather interior, enhanced autopilot, carbon trim, black alcantara headliner etc!
  • No deposit necessary, just swap and drive!
  • Spec sheet below
Located in Orlando, FL! PM for more details.

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Nice looking car. An incentive for potential buyers may be a nice way to aim interest fast. Considering that the monthly payment are close to standard lease on a new MS. A cash incentive for someone to take your lease over building their own in 2018 models might help. GLWS
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Updated info:

My lease end buyout is 54.9k and current buyout is 81.1k.

I am offering to cover the lease transfer fee ($650) and transportation for the vehicle anywhere in the continental US.

I can also have a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) at my expense done by local Tesla dealership to confirm the car is in perfect shape before I swap the lease.