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2018.10.4 Passes Torture Test, but new quirks emerge


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Jul 1, 2017
I'm pleased to announce that 2018.10.4 passes my torture test! The video below contains three trials under different conditions, and in all three cases my MX sailed right past the exit.

On the other hand, I've observed a new behavior while passing on-ramps. The vehicle steps to the right about 2 - 3 feet into the on-ramp, then comes back to the right the same amount when the on-ramp right boundary line merges into the main freeway. It does this very consistently. It completely ignores off-ramps (remember when it used to try to dive into an off-ramp?).

In addition, I've observed the following under AP:

The vehicle will merge into light traffic from an on-ramp.

It stops for stationary vehicles ahead.

Auto wipers have improved: they do single wipes on a regular basis instead of irregular multiple wipes.

AP indicator comes on much faster than before.

The vehicle still leans toward the outside of the lane in turns - I wish AP would use the ultrasonic sensors to detect adjacent vehicles & adjust its lane keeping to avoid a collision. There's one case in the video above that was a bit scary passing a car in the adjacent lane that was trending toward my lane on a turn. My vehicle didn't seem to respond to the adjacent vehicle's movement toward my lane.

Today, I discovered some new problems with 2018.10.4 AP performance, and I'll post two more videos later today showing the behaviors. But overall, I'm very pleased with 2018.10.4