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2018 Model 3 LR RWD Black Enhanced AP - Raleigh, NC

Location: Raleigh, NC

2018 LR RWD Enhanced-AP
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Long Range Battery (325 Miles)
  • Premium Interior
  • 18' Aero Wheels
  • All Black Interior
  • Autopilot
  • 2,033 Miles
I moved to NYC where it's not worthwhile to own a car anymore. Even when I lived in Raleigh I rarely drove it since I worked for myself from home. Absolutely love the car of course and wish I'd had reason to drive it more!

Asking $46,000

Title in hand

PM me if you have interest

Tesla Front.JPG
Tesla Interior.JPG
Tesla Left.JPG
Tesla Right.JPG

Tesla Details.PNG
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Autopilot as listed on the config is not Enhanced Autopilot. EAP gets navigate on autopilot, auto lane change, summon, and smart summon

Not sure why it's listed that way on the site right now as it is actually Enhanced Auto-Pilot. Possibly they changed it since it's no longer offered on new purchases? Below is a screenshot of the purchase agreement from when I got the car last year

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I'm not familiar with Model 3 pricing. How much would this cost new now?

A little tough to say since Enhanced Auto-Pilot isn't an option anymore, and it's a mid-point between auto-pilot and full self-driving. Looks like a new model 3 with the same features minus EAP is about $48,500. Tesla sent me an offer to upgrade to full self-driving from EAP for $3k rather than the $6k cost on a new car. So using that the new price for my car would probably be in the $51,500 range.
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Your initial bullet point list shows autopilot. Change that to enhanced if your car has it.

Pm me if you want my take on pricing.

I would edit the post if there was an option to, but I don't see one anywhere. The car does have enhanced autopilot though. Anyone who's interested is free to pm me with the price they are interested at. No guarantee I'll respond, but can't hurt to reach out and let's me get a sense of who might be interested buyers.