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2018 Model X P100D vs 2019 Raven vs 2020 Plaid?

Which will you buy?

  • 2018 Model X P100D and save $30k

    Votes: 11 24.4%
  • 2019 Model X Raven Long Range

    Votes: 19 42.2%
  • 2019 Model X Raven Performance

    Votes: 15 33.3%

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Hi, I have a purchase dilemma. I don't know which one to go for.

A 2018 P100D Model X 2018 MCU1 with 30%-38% off compare to a brand new 2019 Model X Raven (30% for long range and 38% for Performance).

The 2018 Model X MCU1 is a marketing vehicle for press with less than 5000 miles on it. It has the yellow ring around MCU display which they promise they will fix. If I purchase the car, they will treat it as a new car purchase with all the warranties.

The reason I am considering the 2018 Model X is

1) Money: is Raven suspension, motor upgrade, MCU2 worth 30% to 38%?

2) Newer model X refresh, I know what Elon said previously but especially due to his recent tweets about newer models coming next year with plaid, perhaps I can purchase this one now and hold me over til newer one comes out and I wouldn't lose too much money on it when I upgrade.

3) When I was test driving the Model X, I didn't get a chance to activate the ludicrous mode because the battery didn't warm up yet...but it was already pretty darn fast. Is ludicrous mode worth the upgrade?

Any advice is appreciated!
The Raven and MCU2 are definitely better. For me, I don't think they're ~$30k better, for me.

One of the main reasons I did upgrade to the Raven was I wanted better AP/FSD, and mine was an AP1 2016, not upgradeable to FSD (well, theoretically possible, with about $50k in parts and labor.)
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Very surprised by these poll results. I thought most would have chosen the P100D and saved the $30k. Having driven both the regular long range Raven and currently owning a P100D X, I would always pick the performance version. For some reason the raven long range felt slower than my parents 2018 X 75D, and it was not in chill mode. The suspension was nice but wasn't a huge change in feel from the previous air suspension. MCU2 is world's better compared to MCU1 and there is no comparison, however $30k is still a huge chunk of change for that.
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The Raven is a nice baseline but.....it doesn't deviate substantially enough from a 2018 to warrant the difference in price. I think the plan of getting into a 2018 P100D for such a low cost makes more sense. Save the 30K for when there is at least a 10-20% difference in driving range. We aren't quite there yet.

Meanwhile you will destroy everything else on the road that isn't a Lamborghini or a million dollar super/hyper car all while hauling groceries around.