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2019.27.103 - Software?

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Anybody know why my TM3—(Stealth) came with 2019.27.103. I have not been able to find anything on this software and I picked her up on 09/18. I have not received any software updates yet and I'm curious why not. My build date is 09/19—(door seal sticker) I have the below questions:

  1. Is 2019.27.103 a really old software and should I be alarmed it came with it?
  2. How do I get an update pushed sooner?
  3. Does having 2 bars of wifi at 20 down hurt anything?
  1. 2019 (year) 27 (week) xxx (version that week) and NO
  2. Relax, new cars always take a little time (mine was about 5 weeks) to start getting updates
  3. Likely just slower speeds and WiFi has NO effect on receiving that an update is available
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I just picked mine up yesterday and it's on 2019.27.102

I think it's better we wait for the newer firmware to be improved because the current 2019.32.xxx is buggy as sh!t
....and 27.102 is HW3 specific (probably like practice code). Once you get an update it will be HW2.5 code and the HW3 will likely start running in an emulation mode (so inferior). We are probably still 6 months away before we get HW3 specific code released.
You can do a service request thru the app and they will push it normally within 24-48 hours but you need WiFi to download it but LTE connection will alert you that it’s ready for download. Please only do this when it’s been extremely long waits. Sometimes when you take a delivery it is a few weeks before the updates appears. It will come. I say if it doesn’t come by mid next week then request it. But one week is that bad. However i understand wanting it badly. Specially V10. If you didn’t get FSD you’re not missing to much but still worth having. Hope you enjoy your car