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2019.32.12.2 Navigation / Screen Issues

GPS frozen?
I had it a few times and a power off for about 5 minutes helped each time!
Menu “safety & security” and then power off. Don’t touch anything and don’t open the door!
After a few minutes power it up again by pressing the break pedal or open the door...
Hopefully that solves the issues for you!
Hi DoubleE,

Go to your browser and set it to tesla.com - something that will NOT load it heavily...
(Not a speedtest and not Google)

You will have to drive somewhere to get it to recognize a change of location...

Good luck,

Hi DoubleE,

Thank you for trying...
For my first service center visit (X MCU2 March 2018) my navigation locked up...
It turned out that I was running a Speed Test for data rate to the car...
It showed the download speed but never the upload speed.
I thought the test had completed but it continued to run and consumed the MCU
to the point where navigation locked up.

I have left the browser on Google and it does not take too long for it to stop
and Google says that the car looks like a robot...
So, now I leave it on Tesla and it is happy.

Good luck,