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2019.32.12.3 Door Handle Eject

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2012 Model S 85 No tech, not dual, not signature.
Prior to this update, when I would walk up to the vehicle, I could touch the door handles and they would eject. This functionality no longer works.
I can still use the fob, click it twice and the door handles will eject. There is nothing wrong with the door handles.
Something happened with this update. I don't know if it is related to the security issues with the older fobs, that they have permanently disabled "presence" unlocking of the door handles.

I posted this on an Arizona Tesla Facebook page and others also appear to be having the same issue.

Before I involve Tesla, does anyone know if this was permanently disabled because of the V1 fob security issues, or if this is a bug in this latest version of the automobile's software?
Have Updated the fob
Have done both resets
That is definitely weird. It’s basic S functionality to touch and present. I’d call support since you’ve done the basic (reboot, etc.). Assume you did power off, wait ten minutes also? They will have you do that also.

Since others have the same issue it’s probably a 12.3 bug but they need calls about it. In any case they will still want to know you rebooted and powered off.

Wonder if fixed in the coming 12.4 with the other goodies.
Replaced battery in fob no change.
Powered car off for an hour.
When powered on, it worked first time.
Has not worked since.

Passive entry I believe is part of the tech package and I do not have that. that is where the handles auto present themselves as you walk to the car.

Scheduled a service call with Tesla.
If the car goes to sleep for long enough, like 5 or 6 hours, the handles will work again one time and then not work. It worked at 3PM when I moved it from my regular parking space to the charging spaces at work. It worked one time, and then it's back to the status quo.
Scheduled a service appt. Really thought they would fix it with an OTA upgrade. Instead, they sent a tech out. The tech said his orders were to inspect my car and turn on auto-present. Imagine his surprise when I told him I did not have the tech package. He took notes and tried to open a case, only to discover that engineering already knows about it but does not have a fix ready for it yet. They were going to set diag mode or something on my car so they can collect data about the issue.