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2019.32.2 Wheel Config fail

I'm ticked at Tesla because they rolled out the new wheel configuration option to pick and display the wheels on your Model 3. But they do not have an option for the 18” wheels without the aero covers. Myself, and a lot of Model 3 owners choose to leave the aero covers off and display the fine wheels underneath. But there is no display for us.
That sentiment has come up often in other thread. Give them time, they'll come around.

I have T-Sportline (Model S turbine-style) wheels in 18", so I'm interested in what options I'll have. Pretty sure I'd have to pick a taller wheel to get the look I want. I'm also not a fan of the aero covers.
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I wonder why Tesla didn't use real aero wheels like the Kia Niro, instead of those plastic covers that everyone remove.


So I opened the wheel config and choose 19" wheels (that more closely match the style, but not color, of my 18"). I was told it needed to reboot, but can't say for certain it did, since I excited the vehicle.

No apparent down side yet. There's a chance that if the range prediction is off, that it might be more accurate, since I have aftermarket wheels.
Because I can put them back on for road trips and get additional range, but leave them off the rest of the time.
I think that's a great feature.
Except that the 18" wheels (with or without cover) are quite Frugly.

Why not make an 18" looking the same way as a 19" or 20" silver painted wheel (and make a cover on it).

Note: The Chinese Model 3 Performance version use 19" with a cover and get better mileage than the 18"

595 km cruising range - Chinese Performance Model 3 with 19" power sports wheel

590 km cruising range - Chinese Dual AWD Model 3 with 18" power hub wheel