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2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus with FSD and the new chip For Sale in Raleigh, NC

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Mid-April 2019 Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3 For Private Sale!

Vin: 5YJ3E1EA2KF306613

Miles: 23,500

Location: 27616 zip-code

Contact: [email protected] or 732-773-0479 (please text first before calling)

Now is a great time to purchase this original owner, clean, never smoked, FSD vehicle as per Elon Musk's tweet, Full Self Driving beta will be available this March:


Selling for: $41,950

Cost to buy new in NC over $51,000

From my market research most places are charging you near this price when the car has BASIC autopilot, NOT the Full Self Driving package!


Includes the 2 original card keys inside the original envelope.

Includes the 2 original owner/manual books in glove box.

Includes the original Tesla Mobile Connector.

Includes the original unused Tesla driver floor mat (located in trunk).

No known issues, no interior stains (images may show interior cleaner wet spots)!

Sale includes additional accessories listed below that includes everything you would ever want!

Lien on it from bank, they will accept the full payment and release title.

Why Buy 2019 Standard Range Plus vs new:

Fog lights, frunk bag clips, chrome, back seats have heating pre-installed

Build Configuration:

Black Exterior($1000 option) & Black Interior

Full Self Driving($10,000 atm)

New FSD chip retrofitted!

18” Aero Wheels


Model 3 Accessories

Car Images:

Tesla Model 3


4 yr/50,000 miles basic & 8 yr/100,000 miles powertrain

Test Drive:

If you never driven a Tesla, you can test drive a model 3 at your local Tesla Dealership.

As the car is still under the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty, I will not be allowing you to test drive. Obviously if there were issues, they would be covered for free by the warranty.

If you desire after checking out the vehicle, I can drive you around.
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Then I guess you haven't heard enough...

It's a Tesla still under new vehicle warranty, so being worried about mechanical issues that you can't feel through the accelerator pedal anyways shouldn't be a concern. Assuming the same trim of the model, they all drive the same.

As I stated in the OP, anyone can freely test drive the Standard Range Plus @tesla where they will be able to cover under their business insurance any damages caused and answer any questions about EV driving. (think EV/FSD driving school on their dime and time)

The point of the message is to avoid being put in a situation where a stranger who has never driven a Tesla or EV before is behind the wheel.

I assume you aren't interested in buying my Model 3 anyways as if you were you probably would've just private messaged me asking about the test drive.
Thanks for your comments.

Elon’s twitter message today just confirmed FSD is worth zero
Speculating on Elon's tweets that FSD is worth 0 is quite the statement on your part.
I don't want to get into the "how likely are robo taxi's or full assisted self driving" debate inside my sales topic or constant comments trying to throw dirt on the sale, which I assume goes against forum rules.