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2019 Raven rattling and vibration with accleration

After driving from California to Florida and then to Massachusetts... my best guess is that the CV joint is failing.

I took my Model S raven 2019 to Tesla service and demonstrated to a tech how there is a severe vibration and rattling sound with acceleration.They said it was a known issue and created a ticket with engineering to track the issue. They also said that the parts on my car are the latest parts available and this was their rational to not replace with same parts or it will be same problem again before long. So the estimate for new available parts is "later this year."

Apparently they say it is a failing drive axle and motor mount.... and not the CV joint.

I'm not sure how I should feel about this situation. Am I really stuck with this grinding rattling vibration for the rest of the year? Can they really get away with that?

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Interesting. I just purchased a 2019 Raven performance and during the test drive I felt a minor vibration during hard acceleration. I was aware this was a known issue and took it to the service center shortly after purchase. They are replacing both of the front drive shafts right now.
I have a 7/19 build so I assumed I had the earlier part number and they are replacing them with the revised parts.
What is your build date? How many miles?

I’m guessing they can get away with it if you already have the revised parts installed until the part actually fails and they are forced to replace it but I haven’t seen any failures just vibrations.
Long Range "raven" 2019 model S (September)

I purchased in late September of 2019 as "new existing inventory" with a free paint upgrade promotion. At this time I have driven just over 20K miles. Where can I find the build date?

I'm glad to hear that this is a problem others have experienced and is fixable. In addition to significant vibration there is a loud rattling sound almost grinding sound and it's very disconcerting. A few months ago there was only just a slight vibration, but now it's progressed to making these awful sounds which motivated me to get it checked.

I wonder what is the best way to follow up with Tesla an get an update on available parts?

I'm trying very hard to remain optimistic and suppress my cynicism.
Your build date is on the top left of the vin sticker in the door jam. It’s a MM/YY format. Tesla doesn’t keep a large inventory so yours is probably an Aug or Sep car.

Which service center are you going though?

I’ve seen posts saying it’s the shafts and others mentioning the mounts like yours. Mine was pretty subtle and I’m guessing most people wouldn’t have thought much of it but I was looking for it when I drove it. Yours sounds much worse. Others have said it’s better in the low position but I didn’t notice on mine.
This all sounds an awful lot like the well documented front half shaft issue, aka, the "death rattle." Discussed many times on this forum. Many have had half shafts replaced. Not entirely sure of long term success with existing options. I'm hoping services centers aren't giving us lip service and that an actual durable fix is in the works. My June, 2019 build performance Model S also has the issue. Very frustrating to buy a car and get stuck dealing with unfixable problem like this.

Tesla needs to take care of its existing customers, not just focus on sales. Over time, especially as viable alternatives grow, I fear the brand's rep will get badly tarnished.
Update for all interested viewers. Problem fixed.

I went to my appointment at the Tesla service center today and had the vibration fixed. I am very happy to say, I have smooth acceleration again!

It was accomplished by replacing theses parts:

Part #: 1138040-00-B

Part #: 1138042-00-B

I suspect an aftermarket hitch and trailer towing are the possible the cause of the vibration. After the fix, I am glad to be back to original condition. If you are wise, I would suggest avoiding towing activities. I hope the cybertruck has a more robust axle setup with the intended towing planned. I learned recently that my cybertruck reservation is approximately near the first 10,000 people.