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2019 SR+ Battery Degradation Concerns


May 14, 2019
Hi All, just wanted to get some opinions on whether I should be concerned with the range loss on my 2019 SR+.

Some specs:
2019 SR+ w/ FSD
Total driven: 63078km
Build: May 2019
Delivered: June 2019
Estimated range at purchase: 386km
Free supercharging: 7500km + 1500km (from referral), all used up

Outside of supercharging, I normally charge at home to 80% max in winter, and 70-75% in the summer.

I've done range tests the last 2 summers but have not done one this summer yet. My calculated full usable range was the following:
Aug 2019 - 368km (4.7% loss)
Aug 2020 - 373km (3.4% loss)

However, I noticed recently my estimated full charge range for the car has dropped significantly.
80% charge yields 280km (extrapolating means 350km) (9.3% loss)
On the tesla app, sliding the charge slider to full shows 349km. (9.6% loss)
My last full 100% charge stopped at 343km. (11.1% loss)

I did not drive any more than usual from my last range test to now. If anything, I've used much less supercharging than the first year. Is this ~10% loss in estimated range of concern? Tesla's new vehicle warranty applies for first 80000km and I'm starting to approach that.


May 26, 2021
Ontario, Canada
Approximately 10% loss over that period does not seem like a concern, if anything that appears pretty normal.

Also remember the battery warranty is 8yr/160K for your car I believe, unless that was different in 2019


May 8, 2018
My 2019 SR+ with 22000km is now showing a range of 322km at 100% versus 386 when new.
Only done about 15 supercharges.
I did ask Tesla and they said it was fine and due to charging patterns and to not charge straight away and run down the charge too. Didn’t really work.
I also get some efficiencies over 100% on some trips!


Apr 29, 2021
Kamloops BC
I can't comment directly on the SR+; we have a 2018 LR RWD with about 42,000 km. Presently 100% extrapolates to about 475 km. That is down from the original rating of 499 km (which supposedly got boosted to 525 km at some point). I sometimes say to others that the charger availability is increasing way faster than my battery is degrading. Not sure that makes me feel much better but that's all I can come up with.


Active Member
Apr 27, 2016
Kitchener, Ontario
2018 Model 3 LR RWD with 76000km. My 90% is now 407km down from 449km (465km when i got the range boost)

Max range displayed is 464km.

Only supercharged twice and that was about a month ago (picked up my car May 24th 2018)
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May 1, 2019
There are other threads about this... Essentially, the Tesla service guy said (and a more detailed post backs this up)
Leave your sitting vehicle *unplugged* at both high and low charge as often as possible. (run it down to 20% or so every so often and let it sit for a while -as long as you can - before plugging in) With power disconnected, it can do a more accurate assessment of high and low battery charge. Apparently the vehicle does random battery assessment tests every so often. There is no simple "how full am I?" indicator.

I used to plug in as soon as I got home, and then After 2 years, my LR AWD slowly went from 80% is 398km to 360km to 334km. I follow this advice now, and my 3 now charges somewhere between 375 and 394km from day to day. In summer I can go 2 or 3 days not charging. YMMV.

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