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2019 Tesla Model 3 SR+ RWD - Build Thread

After many years of painfully taking care of my parents aging Hyundai Elantra, my brother and I decided it was time to get them in a Tesla. Both of us already have Tesla's and have had overall good experiences with them. My brother has a 2020 Model Y LR and I have my 2014 Model S85. On March 10th I picked up this 2019 Tesla Model 3 SR+ used with 47,710 miles on her. The price seemed right and she seems to be good so far. Showed up at the Owings Mills show room and was provided the keys and signed for it. Took less than 30 minutes. Easy enough. The model 3 really is the Honda civic of the Tesla family (a bit more noisy on the interior, and suspension seems harsh over bumps), and I hope the reliability is as such in the coming years. Hopefully my parents can just drive it and not have to worry about much. I will make sure they always have good tires (CrossClimate) on there at all times, and that should be about it. Also went ahead and purchased 1 year of premium connectivity just so we can use the live view, since they don't live in the best part of town. I hope over time I can share our experiences with the Model 3 with you all.

2019 Tesla Model 3 SR+ RWD



Miles: 47,710
Model: Model 3 Std Range Plus RWD
Model Year: 2019
Sale type: CPO
Refurb Status: Complete
Price: Sold
Market Avg: $33,433
Total price: Listed by Tesla at time of purchase = $30,500 (after tax and fees = 32,629.55)
Insurance cost: $454.93 (6 month premium)

Made in: Fremont
Odometer: 47,660 mile
Number in MD: 3
Number in US: 334
Colour: Black
Interior: All Black Partial Premium
Wheels: 18 Aero Wheels
Autopilot: Basic Autopilot features
Seats: 5
Seller: Tesla
Location: Rockville MD (Inspected in Rockville, MD, picked up in Ownings Mills, MD)
Advertiser: Tesla
First listed: 28-Feb-2023
Last checked: 07-Mar-2023
Title: Clean title
Connectivity: 1-month Premium Connectivity/Standard connectivity
0-60mph: 5.3 s
EPA Range miles: 240
Factory gate date: 07-May-2019
First registered: 29-Jun-2019
CPO Warranty extension | Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty June 2023 / 50,000 total miles
Used Vehicle Limited Warranty Additional 1 year / 10,000 miles
Battery Warranty Years: 8
Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty June 2027 / 100,000 miles
Rear wheel drive
Pay per use Supercharging
Rear heated seats


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Miles: 49,379

Finally had a chance to check out the rated miles when fully charged. At 100% SOC, it shoes 215 miles. As I have already driven it on a long road trip, I can say that I can get at least 150 miles from 90% SOC. So this car basically is the same as my 2014 MS85 now. This is crazy because the Model 3 battery size is 53.6 kWh, and the Model S85 shows 71 kWh as of today. So Model 3 is very efficient. Also on my road trip saw super charge speeds of over 130 kW.

And fun fact, I was able to fit a twin bed box spring only in the Model 3 for transport. Both drive and passenger front seats where moved up really far, but was doable for me, since I am pretty short.

Also, my son loves playing all the games all the time now.

Purchased a few items for the Model 3. Installed a NEMA 14-50 outlet in my parents garage. Also had a service appointment to have them look the front suspension as driving over bumps seemed pretty harsh. But service center said it is normal.

Gen 2 NEMA 14-50 Adapters = $45
NEMA 14-50R Receptacle = $18.99
Samsung BAR Plus 256GB = $29.67
APPS2Car Magnetic Phone Mount = $19.07
Yooyatt Model 3 Mud Flaps = $12.71
Spurtar Car Floor Mats = $74.99
Car Windshield Sun Shade Covers Visors = $15.53
Luminous Handle Kit For Tesla Model 3 = $3.81
Car Trunk Elastic Mesh Fixed Straps = $7.48
total = $227.25
**Highly recommend you look on Facebook market place for many of these items as you can save a lot buying used. Such as the floor mats.
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Miles: 49,703

Seeing some very good charging speeds for this SR+. Very impressive. It actually started at 145 kW then ramped up to 177 kW then slowly started dropping over time from there. I like the charging curve of this 2019 M3 SR+ for sure...much better than my old 2014 MS85.


Also installed the mud flaps...super easy



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