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Just got this too. Saw on FB owners group that it had come up, woke car up and sure enough it was there waiting.

Seems like it could be a pretty rapid push for people that were on 2020.24.6.4? I was quite late getting that relative to others, but this has popped up straight away.
So lame :( If that is the case why bump the version number up so much? Going to be on 2020.99 at this rate with Roblox in the car or something.

I feel like we get every update months after the rest of the world, then half the features are removed.
Bumping the version number adds stuff in the US but adds basically nothing for us, it's so stupid.

Wish we could stop being held back by crazy regulations already! :(
Suspension improments and Polish language....
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This one seems to be totally biased to Europe at the early stage, which raises suspicions ... that some more pain-in-the-arse UN/ECE regulations are being incorporated ... or (seeing is believing) actually fixed, like that idiotic 5s cutoff for indicating to overtake.

Ah what the hell, am installing it now anyhow!