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Apr 2, 2016
Northern Virginia, USA
Seen no problems with 30. And I’ve said from back when they changed the numbering that sending out the checksum was a (Lol) bad idea. Useless to people since 99.9% of the time the release versions are unique and sometimes you get this BS where there’s a random word in there. It means precisely nothing, it’s a hash for the release. I didn’t even look at it until now, it’s been that long we’ve had irrelevant hash codes on the end. (One time, just once, they reissued a release and the hash changed. That was a bad idea, also, should have bumped the number.)


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Apr 2, 2016
Northern Virginia, USA
On a separate topic: I can’t locate this in the complaint list: did they also delete the ability to increase the speed setting when in AP from the screen (for the 3)? Seems like you can set to the speed limit but you can’t increase/decrease by tapping on the current speed ‘currently set to’. Plus and minus seem to show up when you scroll but they don’t do anything.


Oct 12, 2015
Calgary, AB, Canada
Why two airbag icons?
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Jun 4, 2018
Toronto, Canada
Tesla doesn't care about anyone but new customers and people they can get more money out of. That's become more and more clear over time.

Those who already paid and can't be tapped for more cash? They don't matter anymore.

So true, we the faithfully waited for more than 2 years for our model 3 to get, does not matter anymore, we wers loyal but does not matter coz we no longer a propective buyer.

Silicon Desert

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Oct 1, 2018
Sparks, / GF1
This is the first update I wish I didn’t install.
And this is why I never install an update as soon as it appears. I like to see the problems that other people have and then decide. I think there are at least 10 times in the past when I skipped installing an update due to comments I saw and glad I did. Thanks to the people on here, I don't have to suffer through the things I probably would not like. Hoping for a better update later. Ignoring this one.


Oct 8, 2016
Skoppum, Norway
UI has become very random. Car and menus are covering each other, charging icon can only be clicked at the very top, messages overlay menu items. Important driving info has been reduced to be so small so that it's virtually invisible while driving. Bad Tesla. Bad. Now go sit in the corner and get a berating from real ui designers.
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Apr 27, 2016
Kitchener, Ontario
Still have issues with Spotify not loading my entire playlist.

Also plays different songs than what is displayed on the screen.

Also not a fan of the "continue playback" that has appeared. I don't necessarily want to list to the same song my wife was listening to on her phone when I get into my car....
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Dec 11, 2018
Why two airbag icons?
In previous versions the 3-up camera display covered the whole top status bar so they duplicated the passenger airbag status within the rear camera so it was always visible (probably due to some law). Obviously should be removed now since there's no longer any case where it will be covered. I'm sure they know about it but just wasn't high enough in the backlog to make the release. I do like that you can see the current time and temp with the cameras displayed now.


Nov 14, 2018
One more annoyance-- Got a chance to watch YouTube and Netflix in my Model 3 today for the first time after receiving 48.26. Exiting those apps froze the UI (with the app's UI showing) for a good 20-30 seconds, although the main driving UI appeared to up invisibly, as I accidentally turned on the AC while I was poking all over the screen impatiently.

On the bright side: I used voice control to stream Slacker today and it worked. This feature stopped working for me some time in late 2019 when my free year of premium connection expired. Granted, it might have been working for a while; I hadn't tried it in a long time.


Feb 18, 2020
New Orleans
Yes, when I first got an EV in 2011, I used to look at regen. But then Leaf had a range of 83, with useable range around 50 miles in winter.

You are in Louisiana telling me how regen changes in cold whether !
Believe it or not, it has gotten cold enough for reduced regen down here! And I road tripped to Phoenix AZ thru Santa Fe, NM and back so she's already seen plenty of snow.


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Mar 9, 2015
QLD, Australia
Believe it or not, it has gotten cold enough for reduced regen down here! And I road tripped to Phoenix AZ thru Santa Fe, NM and back so she's already seen plenty of snow.

Ever since the regen patch in January of last year regen is nerfed until the battery is hot for driving. And that means over 30C or maybe even a bit higher.

I.e. in the tropics in autum ( so 30-35C here during daytime, 25 during nighttime) I will get less regen for the first few minutes even when only charged to like 80% because the battery likely sits at around 28C or so and itll take a bit of driving to warm it up.


May 26, 2019
Front Royal, VA
The more I drive with this update, the less I like it. Too much wasted screen space, reduced map/backup camera size, more phantom braking, auto wipers regressed to what they were 18 months ago. If there were a way to go back I would do so.


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Jun 21, 2020
Bay Area CA
One of Bjorn's latest videos shows the battery bar UI behavior.

Battery bar was red when @ 7%.

Battery bar goes green when charging (see 10:13). I saw the same thing while charging yesterday.

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