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Well I just figured out I have no external speaker. MY was built in June 2020, so it figures. it looked like I had it because the holes are underneath the front for the speaker, but I guess it's just not installed?
Not thrilled with the interface changes, but reckon I can adjust.
Onward and upward.


Nov 24, 2018
Disappointed in this release. A big lump of coal.
  • The items I use all the time, like navigation, radio / entertainment, phone controls - have all moved farther away from the driver
  • The navigation map is smaller. I really like the large map display, and my friends all commented about what a great map it is. Now it's underwhelming
  • The search box and nav waypoints tend to hide some of the upcoming side roads and turn info on the smaller map screen. I have less situational awareness for navigation
  • There's a lot of useless blank space right next to the driver with the larger visualization area. It mostly shows empty lanes next to me.
  • When driving, the rear ultrasonic sensors tend to go off for curbs, piled up snow, etc. This version has larger yellow caution arcs where the sensor detects something. Very strange to see that when driving down a freeway, and distracting.
It took a while to adjust to driving a car with all the display in the center. I adjusted to that after a few days. This moved the most used parts of the the display to the passenger side. That's...

I have a M3, but if I had an S/X I would be livid over the instrument display with smaller font sizes.

I wish I could downgrade, and I definitely regret applying this update.
Thanks for the heads up I’m disabling my WiFi until they enlarge the speedometer font on the next update.


Active Member
Mar 3, 2020
Folks can have my update. I'm just not into this type of fluff. I'm not installing it. I'll wait for something more substantial, yet realize there sure are a lot of people out that that like this stuff.

The geek in me loves this stiff, however minor. I'm not an in-car gamer, but I could see myself playing some Solitaire once in a while. I'll say that Elon's taste in games in general, leaves a lot to be desired. Haven't driven since the update so I'm itching to take it for a spin.
I’m in the same it as many people with a model 3
I’m not « updating » to this .

smaller nav , smaller rear cam ; buttons EVEN farther away ( and it’s already a pain to use Spotify ! )

the font problem is also not to be underestimated ; it takes time to get used to a car ; you don’t change your speedometer position and font just for fun!

they just lost their minds ... Elon is gonna kill someone with this release
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Just my two cents on this update, nothing that hasn't already been said for the most part. I'll also say I'm 23 so admittedly the small text isn't an issue and I like the idea of Boombox/new games/farts.

1) I miss the old, bigger map. The new car visualization is too big and the rendering looks terribly choppy and blurry both in park and in drive. How did it sneak out the door like that? Is Tesla unable to draw a good looking car?
2) Boombox: If you're going to give up this new Boombox thing I need to be able to adjust the volume outside of the car when playing my own media. That is probably the most useful part of this new feature but yet as soon as I get out of the car it turns off and isn't anywhere near loud enough. So I can entertain my friends while I stay in the car? ok lol. Also, when you change the driving sound it shuts off your music and doesn't let you play it again until you shut the driving sound off. I think it's kinda cool you can add ridiculous sounds, it's funny to see people's reactions, but let me leave my own music on in the car. I don't want to listen to it within the car (although yes, you can turn the volume down). The "ice cream" and "merry go round" sounds are a little creepy to be playing while driving around town if you ask me. Also, if you're going to give me the option to change my horn let me use it while driving (but I imagine there are laws about this.)
3) The speedometer definitely should be the old bigger font but I really like the new position.
4) I miss "hold" and chill" being at the top of the screen.

What I like:
1) I like the gear selection and other warnings/indications being vertical
2) I like the grey scale, it does look sharp
3) I like that it's easier to access wipers (although that comes at the cost of moving other icons away from the driver and we need the option to customize our bottom bar)
4) I like that when navigating and you open a program (say energy) your next set of directions show above the rendering of the car. That is a GREAT feature so you can have your range estimates (or whatever) open and still know whats coming next.
5) The open Supercharging stalls in the map marker is great
6) I do like how the car looks on the screen in park/how the tires move as you steer. Just make it not look like crap.

So at risk of being a crybaby there's a lot to like in this update but also a lot to be desired. You can certainly tell it was a bit rushed and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes in the other half of the update because this was totally over hyped. While I don't think it was a step backwards it was only a half step forward.


Apr 11, 2018
San Diego
Is anyone else having problems getting the info cards to appear reliably? Out of everything that they changed in the update with the layout, this one is bothering me most of all. I can't just swipe the card area left or right to bring up the tripometers or tire pressure info easily anymore. (I like keeping the trip info card up at all times and it goes away every time the wipers are manually used, which is a different annoyance entirely) When I go to put the card back, most of the time it just spins the graphic of the car around to give it an overhead view.

I can't seem to figure out the right touch to getting the card to reliably appear every time I swipe it. At first it seemed like maybe a long slow swipe was needed, but that doesn't always work. A short swipe like before definitely doesn't work. And like the poster above me mentioned, I also think it's annoying that the card now covers up part of the car visualization.

Overall, this feels a poorly implemented layout change that didn't undergo any testing. This is the curse of having a car that can be continually updated. We get great features but also some really questionable changes.
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I really like the update. Yes, I'd like a bigger font for the speedometer. Other than that, all good. (And I don't have an external speaker.) What I like:

1. The ability to schedule charging to finish at the time of my choosing. Previously charging finished at 0600 if you used scheduled departure. VERY NICE!

2. Wiper and rear camera control no longer covered by trip odometer. VERY NICE!

3. Far better organization of driver's information. (Speed, autopilot select speed, speed limit.) VERY NICE!

4. Slightly larger fonts on everything but the speedo. VERY NICE!

5. Much better driving visualization. Nice!

6. Nav directions move to the left side if you have an app taking up the right side of the screen. VERY NICE!

What I hope changes:

1. Bigger speedo font needed.

2. The power used/regen bar is too dim now. I'd like it back to the brightness it was, but I do like the new placement.

3. The battery level needs to be green again.

Overall a great update! If you don't like the boom box, don't use it. I mean, duh. I'm glad I don't have an external speaker; I really find the PWS annoying. That said, how awesome is it that Tesla is trying to make it fun? What a great way to make lemonade out of government regulations lemons. I mean, some people actually want the stupid speaker now! Bravo Tesla!

It seems likely that the new driver's visualization is for FSD. If you don't have FSD, it also seems likely you'll get the ability to change the screen layout. I seriously do not get the complaining.
Is anyone else having problems getting the info cards to appear reliably? Out of everything that they changed in the update with the layout, this one is bothering me most of all. I can't just swipe the card area left or right to bring up the tripometers or tire pressure info easily anymore.

It works really easy. Just don't swipe from the edge, that spins the visualizations. Start your swipe about an inch from the edge.
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Sep 5, 2009
Seattle, WA
One thing I noticed today: The games are available while you drive, "but only for the passenger".
Quotation marks are there because the car has a butt sensor, but let's you click "I'm a passenger" anyways.
Solitaire and Polytopia only.

Even if the passenger plays it, it’s highly distracting.

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