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2020 LRAWD Temperature Sensor Fail?

Hey all,

Just picked up my car last Thursday. Haven't installed a viable home charging solution yet. With that said, the first issue I noticed was on Friday morning.

I plugged the car in to charge and was greeted with a message that said the battery needed to be warmed and charging speed will be reduced. No worries, I figured it needs to warm as it was around 50 deg. F that evening.

The car never charged at 12 amps for more than a minute at a time. Most of the time spent plugged in, it was between 3 and 5 A, with the battery warming message showing up nearly every five minutes.

That evening, I took the car for a 100-mile drive at near highway speeds. I noticed that I did not have regen braking the entire trip. Odd, but again, called it a cold battery and moved on.

I tried supercharging that night and got normal charging speeds. The next morning (was at girlfriend's with no charger) I left the car at the supercharger to get around 80%. It was plugged in for nearly an hour and only got around 30% range. Still no regen braking.

Odd. I had set the charger as the destination, and the car didn't precondition. Later that day, we went back to the charger but this time the battery preconditioned. I noticed I had regen on the drive there, and charging speeds were as expected.

The drive home the next day was perfect, regen working at full capacity.

Yesterday, a 70 deg. F day, I had no regen in the afternoon. This morning (50 deg. F overnight) no regen and battery warming alerts. I have even set various times throughout the day as scheduled departures, with no help in resolving this.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a fault somewhere in my car?

EDIT: charge is at 70% (limit 70%) and currently plugged in.
The fact that the pre-conditioning and charging didn't work normally at first, then did work normally, then didn't work normally later on would seem to indicate some sort of intermittent problem with your car. So, yes, make an appointment and have Tesla check the car out.