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2020 Model Y Performance w/FSD

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I am looking to get a new Model X

2020 Perfomance Model Y
Midnight silver with black interior
6k miles
Full body Xpel Stealth PPF since new
Ceramic Coated
Ceramic Tint (including windshield)

Any questons feel free to message me

65k. Tesla Trade offer is 60,300 so with the tax savings i would be very close to 65k anyway so am pretty firm


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Second this. And selling privately is probably going to lead to lots of haggling and people telling you you’re pricing too high (not my view, but most posts here go that way).

It may end up getting traded in, I really don't want to waste the PPF and pull it off the car, Also some states like AZ have no sales tax on private party sales, So to the right person it might be worth it, If it doesn't sell in a week or 2 i will either just keep it or trade it in when the Plaid X is available (site says April)
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