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2020 MX LR Shudder

Took delivery of a MX LR 7 seat, FSD, 20” wheels November 26th (ordered 10/2 FYI). On my 2nd day having it, I put it in reverse and lightly pressed on the accelerator. Had a shudder/clunk, which felt similar to an older vehicle where the u-bolts were a bit loose. Like the axle was twisting under torque. Since I have been able to replicate this in both forward and reverse. It happens when lightly pressing the accelerator from a complete stop. I can make it keep happening if I tap the pedal keeping it under 10 mph or so. Doesn’t seem to do it if I stomp on it.
Have a service appointment on Dec 30. Will update after that.
just an fyi, the "shudder" word has a different meaning to most people on here that suffered a vibration in the front end motors at driving speeds of about 30-40 mph. And has since been mostly corrected with new parts. Your problem sounds different, but of course you can call it whatever you want I guess. :)
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