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2021.36.8.10 (FSD report)

2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, HW3, 101K miles 2021.36.8.10

Downloaded and took a quick spin on same route I run each day, secondary back roads, farm fields, warehouses, developments. It is night time here so its dark out, high beams did their regular disco on and off. There may be some slight improvement, but overall underwhelmed, still getting the slow downs, still takes forever to negotiate a turn at a stopped intersection, can't use it if anyone is around. Came from 36.8.8. Obviously its fun to play with, but you can't have passengers with the constant slow downs and definitely can't take a corner with a stop sign. Very frustrating, there is absolutely nothing there and it slows down then speeds right back up. It does it 3-4 times on a 5 mile run. Why can't they fix this, there's nothing there, no rise in road, no signs, no speed limit change, Ugh FIX IT already. We went from phantom braking to slow downs. I have more running around tomorrow to do so I'll see what the higher speed roads are like with traffic lights.

The previous release 8.8 had a right hand turn off a main road and it took it really really nice, I was hoping this version expanded this capability, but unfortunately not. Maybe next release will be better. I definitely like that right hand turn, man if all the turns were like that and the slowing went away, that would be sweet. Looking at the current rate of progress it doesn't appear it will happen anytime soon. Very happy the phantom braking at hills which radar couldn't see over is still gone. Yea!!!! Hopefully others will have a better experience on their daily commute with 8.10. Maybe after it goes to sleep tonight it will be better tomorrow. Tonight it seemed very much the same as 8.8
For those who don't know. 36.8.10 is aka 10.6.1, which I have since learned. So this post should be under the group10.6.1 messages, sorry about this.

I did the run again this morning, still getting the slow downs, so basically no change from 8.8 to 8.10 on this route. This morning it braked for the stop sign on left side of road which is associated with the side road coming in at an acute angle. Last night it did not brake for this stop sign, so here we go again not knowing what it will do with this stop sign when you are running 50mph on the main road. Also last night I spotted a herd of deer, ~10 of them crossing the road ahead of me, saw the reflections of their eyes and sometimes their bodies, I immediately slowed to 20 from 50, knowing there could still be more on the right side of road. Car did not pick them up from this distance or if it did there was no indication and I did not want to wait to see if it did, Sure enough there were two more on the side of the road waiting to to cross. It would be nice to know how it will handle deer, if it uses the cross traffic values, then you could definitely get into trouble getting to close at full speed and then having stragglers bolting out. The cross traffic seems to be solved, no more hard braking when cars cross or pull out, but it makes me wonder if it will brake.... It's handled them nicely so far, haven't even had a slow down for them. It still takes a long time to drop speed when it passes the speed limit sign. I went quite a way when it dropped from 50 to 40, it used to be quicker dropping speed.

Hopefully next release will be better, what ever numerics they assign to it, i.e 2021. x.x.x or 10.7 I wish they'd stick to the 2021 format. It is very confusing, am I on 10.5, 10.6, 10.6.1, 10.7 etc. I hope the rest of you have better experiences
It still takes a long time to drop speed when it passes the speed limit sign. I went quite a way when it dropped from 50 to 40, it used to be quicker dropping speed.
It has been this way forever. And even if use the MX 'slower' stalk to decrease speed setpoint by 10 mph or more, it has always (TACC included) slowed at a very leisurely rate. Aren't we speeding the whole time, after go by the speed limit sign? Doesn't that new speed begin at THAT point?
Honestly, I have seen little improvement from v10 to v10.6.1 - I've seen a lot of regressions though. There are a lot of issues where I live with roundabouts, stop signs, etc and I have reported them many many times but they haven't gotten fixed in any iteration. In fact, the speed stuff you're talking about is present in my area too, and it's annoying. You cant really use FSD if there are people around you.
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Jul 2, 2020
I can't use this version at all, since the phantom braking is occurring on average once every 10 miles. FSD is also very difficult to use in town or rural areas when away from clear 4 lanes. Interstates are better, but any ICE car does much better with Interstates at FSD than Tesla at this point. Not only are you driving the car, but you are supervising intently FSD. The product is far from usable at this point. I play with it when I can to help Tesla. Hopefully they are using the feedback, but progress seems very slow.

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