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2021.4.11: Model 3 suffering from insomniac after update!?

I noticed from the TeslaMate (adriankumpf/teslamate) log for my Model 3 that it has been online all the time since it's updated to 2021.4.11 two weeks ago. I have rebooted, turned off TeslaMate, and killed the Tesla app on my phone, and none of these actions made it fall asleep. Has anyone experience the same issue after the update? Also, any suggestion on how to tuck it in would be appreciated. Thanks.
No issues here

I see this exact same thing ... either starting with .10 or .11. My car essentially doesn't sleep when plugged in anymore. I have a bandwidth monitor on the Tesla's MAC address and it's constantly awake. If I unplug it, it falls asleep as normal. I also have teslamate installed and same thing there. Always awake if plugged in - sleeps no problem when unplugged
The reason for this is that it constantly tries to keep charging to charging limits. If it falls 1% due to draining, it will wake the car to charge. It's been like that for a period.
Oh I'm aware of that, but it's not the problem here. We're talking about a car that sleeps 5 minutes and wakes up immediately, repeatedly. It's not in order to charge, the battery hasn't gotten down enough yet.
Let's what the op and the other thread about the same issue have to say.
I keep my car plugged in as much as I can. Here's my TeslaMate log for the past 20 days:


As you can see, before the update on 3/3, the car was either charging or asleep the vast majority of the time. Since the update, it's either charging or online. The block of green to the far right occurred last night when I unplugged the car. This matched others' observation that plugging it in somehow prevents it from sleeping with 2021.4.11. Regarding if this is a result of the car trying to constantly charge to the limit-- I don't think so. I know for a long that that my Tesla would top off by itself, and it'd fall asleep shortly after. It now tops off every two hours also, and stays awake between top-offs (the thin lines in those blue blocks were the top-offs).

One other weirdness I noticed earlier today was that the car wildly overestimate how long it'd take to charge the battery. My battery (LR AWD) was at 210 miles when I plugged in it, and the limit was set around 250 miles. The app (and TeslaMate as well) reported that it would take 24+ hours to reach that limit, even though the reported charging voltage (110v) and amperage (12a) were normal. The estimate did correct itself after 4 hours of charging, but the initial bad estimate was something I have never seen before.
I've only seen this issue since 2021.4.11 was applied and only while plugged in. The green Tesla light by the charge port is constantly lit while plugged in now. Normally it would go out once charged and back asleep. I can also hear the constant cycling of locking noises since my bedroom is next to the garage. No issues when it's not plugged in though.