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2021.4.12 odd glitch [with power steering]

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Hey Everyone,

Ever since receiving this update, I am having issues with my power steering. The amount of assist varies as I drive. It is not huge, but noticeable. Basically, it will suddenly require 50% or so more effort to steer. Then it goes away and steers normally.

I have 104,000 miles on my car. I am thoroughly familiar with it. It was not doing this before the update.

I put in a service request describing the symptom. I requested that Tesla remove this latest update to see if the problem persists.

Any thoughts?
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Hey Everyone,

Since receiving this update, my power steering assist level changes as I drive. It is fine for a while, then suddenly 25% or so more effort is required to steer. Then it goes away and is normal again.

After 104,000 miles, I am very familiar with my car and this definitely happened with this latest update. This will be the third update in the 3 years of ownership that has been problematic. Frustrating.

I put in a service request asking Tesla to remove this update.

Any thoughts?
I haven’t heard of Tesla removing updates, but good luck. I assume you’ve already tried rebooting, but if not, do that. How do you know for a fact that the update caused the problem and it wasn’t just a timing coincidence?
It may be a coincidence. Tesla just resent the update. I am uploading it again after work. We shall see.

My car had 104,000 miles on it. It may ne something hardware related considering my mileage.