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2021 Center Console Refresh

I took delivery of my 2021 Model Y mid-February. It has the USB in the glovebox, heated steering wheel.

However, I do not have the refreshed center console as my build date was in mid-January. VIN is 112xxx. I knew about the heated steering wheel and asked my SA to ensure I got matched with a car that had it. I, unfortunately, wasn't aware about the center console refresh. I very much prefer the refreshed console.

I've read online that if you ask your service center, they might be willing to sell the part. Is it unheard of for them to install it? I just don't feel comfortable taking apart the center console to replace it. But I'd really, really like the new console and am kicking myself for not doing more research.

It seems odd to me that they'd sell the part but not install it. Especially given it's where the key card reader is housed.
You can see in these videos that they bought a Gen 2 center console from Tesla and installed it themselves, but needed the technician to come out and fix their key card reader issue. They never say how much it cost them, and I'm sure they won't ever reveal that, but it's probably a pricey component.

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Most likely. Not even considering the cost, it's not something I feel comfortable messing around with on my own.

Unfortunate that I didn't do the research; but it is just a center console. I have all the other updates (minus the headlights, which I believe are MYP-only anyway) and I absolutely love the car.
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