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2021 M3 Exterior Trim two different colors of black?

Why is the exterior trim surrounding the rear triangular windows a different color black than the rest of the window trim? In direct sunlight, the trim surrounding the rear triangular window has a purplish hue. Anyone else notice this yet? It drives me nuts!
Uniform color on trim, post your pic.
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OP - you are likely experiencing the same as on the 'chrome' finish of the trim (all parts vs the section integrated around the quarter panel window).

The material there, regardless of what they did to make it 'black' is unique and sadly very prone to acidic pH cleaners, car washe shampoos, etc

The net effect on 'chrome' finish cars where the pH works its magic is this:

Flaw in chrome trim? Mismatch?

MY Door Trim Discoloration

Chrome Trim Discoloring Badly

No fix aside from replacing the entire window (it gets glued back in place with the trim as one sub-assembly) or wrapping the trim to match the rest.
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I just saw it on a Y model. It looks like the black coating is bleeding out different hues. There must be something going on as the more I look at new Teslas the more I see it. You would think it would be straightforward to correct. It could be one batch or spec that accounts for this. Time will tell.
There is nothing you can do to correct this - short of replacing the C pillar window and the chemical reaction damage-prone trim that comes as part of that glue-in assembly.

Then either coating or wrapping it and stopping all use or exposure to whatever caused the bleed to begin with.

The issue has now been confirmed on both silver/brushed metal/adonized/chrome and black trim so it is inherent to a. material used b. external factors that lead to the damage.

I have been lucky not to have this issue creep up on my early production 2018, nearly 3 years in and countless handwashes (by me and others) in.

But that doesnt mean anything... one wrong use of a carwash shampoo or car cleaning product with the wrong pH and its done.
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