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2021 Model 3 Low frequency rumble

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I'm experiencing a low rumbling sound almost like what you hear from a subwoofer, every 20 seconds or so it will last about 2 seconds every time. I brought it up to Tesla and took the car in twice and they are not addressing the issue the following was their response. Has anyone had the same issue and has it been resolved, please help.

"Just following up on your recent visit to Tesla Service Santa Clara.

Jennifer had mentioned you were disappointed with the outcome of the noise concern you had detailed on Line 2 of your invoice (attached for reference):

Customer states intermittent click/thumping noise when parked and driving at highway speeds

Technician Inspected the vehicles heat pump and compressor and found no obstruction. Technician confirmed vehicles compressor bushings are intact. Technician compared to similar model 3's and confirmed noises too be similar and confirmed noise is a normal characteristic of model 3. No work performed at this time.

As the vehicle is currently operating as designed, no further repairs are deemed necessary nor would there be grounds for any sort of re-purchase of the vehicle by Tesla.

Should you wish to proceed with any additional diagnostics of the vehicle for this concern, we are more than happy to accommodate however this would be a customer pay item as this is considered outside the vehicle’s warranty. Please let me know how you would like to proceed."
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Most likely the problem is human hearing. Our hearing perception is relative to the environment. This is why a stereo sounds fine driving 70MPH and then seems too loud when you come to a stop. Since Tesla is an EV you naturally hear all the little mechanical sounds that would be almost inaudible or compliantly masked in an ICE. They just sound loud since there is no ICE to drowned them out and the Tesla/EV is so quiet (and lack of ICE vibration adds to the effect).