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2021 Model 3 LR (non-FSD) white/white 18s with 10K miles for sale in El Paso, TX

Hey gang, we decided to get rid of the Tesla. It's an awesome car, but we'll have to wait for better charging infrastructure for another EV. My wife needs to travel where there are no superchargers yet, so we need another gas car for a few more years.

We bought the car brand new, right off the truck, on Dec 28, 2020, so plenty of warranty left. It's in immaculate condition. Always garaged, and it has 9,848 miles at the moment. No mechanical issues so far, and no dealer visits at all. Everything works as intended. The only 'semi-issue' is the trunk now closes normally, rather than soft-closing. The soft-close works perfectly, but almost since new, the struts allow the trunk to close a bit quicker than before, so the soft-close doesn't engage (like if you close the door normally on any soft-close car). All Teslas I've seen close like that, so it's 'normal'. And it hasn't changed in over a year, so no service needed. The only other 'issue' (since new) is dealer removed front hood cover to access battery (red cap was loose), and they also broke the 2 under-cover supports that most cars have already broken (or will break the first time to take the cover off. Ha ha), and one of the studs too. Since that'd happen again, I didn't bother to call service either. I just removed the white clips not needed, put Tesa tape on the inside, superglue the stud, and the cover closes perfectly with 4 clips, and it's quiet as a mouse. I found this out when I opened it to top off the cooling reservoir (it was at the 'min' line), which most owners don't do. And I also added a 'filter' (with fiberglass screening) to the cabin air intake, to prevent leaves to get in. Nobody would even notice those 2 things, but I'm always super transparent when selling my vehicles. Ha ha. Oh, and I also placed a 9V battery inside the front tow hook cover, in case the 12V battery craps out, so the frunk can be opened, and the 12V battery accessed for a jump (few owners do that either, but it's good to know). I've been charging the car from 60-80, 50-70, and 40-60 since day 1, for minimum battery degradation. But that practice typically reduces the SOC, so you know. But if that's important to the new owner, fully charging car, and then using it to 10%, should restore that. We never pay attention to mileage anyway, so no need to do that.

Title is clear (paid cash), and in my wife's name. Car has always been garaged, and zero issues of any kind so far. No door dings, wheel rash, hit underneath, or anything else. Just a few small rock chips (touched-up) that are not really visible, unless you look for them. Nothing has been replaced, or modified. Extras include OEM rear rubber trunk liner, OEM front trunk carpet liner, center console organizer, door seals, 4 jacking pads to protect battery if car ever needs to be lifted (never used), and Heatshield sunshield covers for the entire car (except the rear window), so you can protect the car from the sun when you're supercharging. I have permanently attached both roof ones, to protect us from the heat. Oh, and the OEM Tesla 15-40 adapter kit is included as well (as well as mobile cable, 120V adapter, both card keys, etc). I spent $579 on those extras, and will be included.

Finally, our car has the heat pump, but doesn't have the new headlights (we like the old ones better), so you know. I noticed they're selling near 60 grand like ours, which is insane. But I got a trade-in offer of $51.5K, which equates to $54,718 with the 6.25% state tax differential, so I want $55K (I have a bit over $54K on it), which is at the lower end of current prices, and doubt there's a better one out there. Want the flexibility to buy another car wherever we want if possible, but if we find one locally, would just trade it in. Car is in El Paso, TX 79932. If you have any questions, or want to discuss the car, please send me a PM, to talk over the phone. Thank you.
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We don't use the car much, so it's always squeaky clean outside. And always immaculate inside, down to the floor mats, screen, seats, etc. Ha ha. Let me take some pics now.

EDIT: Some pics attached. FIrst is without the floor mat (it was a mess when new, like in most new cars). Can post more if somebody wants, but car wasn't this clean even when new (lots of crap on the carpet everywhere, stains on seats, etc). No stains, or any scratch or mark whatsoever on the seats. And those pics are on the driver's side, so you can imagine the rest of the car. Ha ha. Nobody rides at the back, and seldom a passenger. And yes, trunks are the same way :). On pic 6 are the sun shields, since glass radiates quite a bit of heat (and sun). Future buyer will also get those for the windshield, and all 4 side glasses; great to be able to watch movies while charging, and not get baked by the sun. Or if car is left outside.

On a side note, my ad was buried under dozens of reservations for sale. I thought Tesla was canceling any name different than the order, so are people that stupid to pay for something that might be canceled? If I was the admin, I'd prohibit such ads, so people don't get scammed, but that's just me.


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Hey gang, wanted to explain the 2 'issues' I found. Since I found them many months after buying the car, I didn't bother to make a claim, since most likely they'd politely say that I did it. And even if it was fine before, it'd have happened when I removed it anyway, so no sense in wasting time, energy, and 'points' when it'd happen again the next time. The bottom line is the design is absolute crap, and I found a way to 'fix' the issue, so no sense in going any further. For those who didn't know, those supports below the cover (on pics 3 and 4) have like a 1mm supports, so even a few ounces of downward pressure would break them. And same thing with the cover and battery studs; ultra flimsy, so utter garbage. So I just left the necessary clips (at each corner), lined the plastic with Tesa tape, and solidly in place now, with zero noise. And similarly fixed the battery cover. And stud was crazy-glued in place. If it comes off again, just glue it back, and problem solved. Hope this clarifies what I stated. I could have just stay quiet, and nobody would notice, but that's not me. Ha ha. Take care.


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Thank you, brother. Yeah, I rather not sell a car, than hide anything, as stupid as it might be. Never a surprise with me. Ha ha. I've sold several vehicles privately, and buyers always found them better than described, and were very pleased. I also NEVER ask for any deposits (word of buyer is good enough for me), or any other pressure tactic like that. It's already stressful enough to buy from a stranger, especially from out of town, so I try to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Take care, and thanks again for your kind words :).
Well, followed the lead from a forum member who sold his Tesla to GMTV (givemethevin.com), and they offered me $56,500, which is way over what I was asking here, so it's a no-brainer move. I checked them out, and they seem legit, also in TX (Fort Worth), and with a 4.9x/5 rating from the BBB, so I already started the process. Therefore, consider the car sold. Just got one offer for $53K here, in case it's helpful for somebody. And yes, I declined it, since I had a firm offer to trade it for $51K (which is the equivalent of a $54,187 private sale), but this one is better than that, so moving forward with it. Thanks anyway gang.
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Car was picked up today, so now 100% sold. Ha ha. Well, the check has to clear, but it should :). Stupid thing gave me hell yesterday, after a master reset, when it refused to show miles (just '---- mi'). Buyer said sale was a no-go like that, which only makes sense. So spent hours between resets, Tesla customer service, and updating the software (something I didn't want to do due to the trunk opening half-way issue). Nothing worked, so was planning to go to dealer early today, when it occurred to me to move the car to see what happens, and a forum member also suggested that, so did that at midnight, and the darn thing immediately showed the miles upon leaving the garage. Wew! And the trunk worked too, so I was relieved. No more surprises today, so it should end up in good hands soon enough. Take care.

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