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2021 MY Standard Range Boombox

For anyone who has a SR MY, do you have the Boombox feature? If so, what version are you on?
I just picked up my SR MY and on 2020.47.101. I have the heated steering wheel enabled but no Boombox from the holiday update.

Curious to know where others are
I was on 2020.39.110 with the heated steering wheel in my ‘21 LR MY... just got notice that it’s updating to 2021.4.3 right now. Seems like they merged the heated steering wheel branch to the main feature release line, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you get an update shortly as well.
Upgraded from 2020.39.100 surprise to see boombox and new games?

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MY just downloaded the update this morning and the boombox is on there. Haven't had a chance to see all of the changes but the left portion of the screen is laid out completely differently. Same info from what i can tell just more vertically oriented than horizontal.