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2021 Phantom breaking override?

All the time!

Does anyone experience phantom braking when using HOV / express lanes on AP and traffic in the normal lanes is moving a lot slower?

Maybe this is either automatic emergency breaking (AEB) or perhaps even the Adjacent Lane Speed system?

There typically are divider sticks (which the car recognizes as cones) between the express lane and normal lanes, and I'm wondering if my car is panicking at the entry / exit points? Thing is, there is still an empty entry/exit lane between my car and the normal lanes with slow traffic.

There are no overpasses or other obstacles I can think of that would cause this sudden braking behavior.... so I think it has to do with Tesla's

Any way to prevent it from doing this?
Right?! Me too! I AM afraid!! I threw my back out the first time it happened it was such a hard stop while going 65mph on the frwy with NO one in front of me. A big truck on the right set it off. Why wouldn’t it anyway move to the left to get away rather than break? There was no one to my left?
Did anyone answer your question about turning off the emergency breaking? I don’t see an answer… but I did see on a YouTube video you can hold the right button on the steering wheel and say “Bug report, Phantom Breaking,” after OT happens and it will send the info to Tesla
I don't think your workaround will work; TACC and Autopilot will override your selection to turn off emergency braking. As will putting the car in park (you have to turn off emergency braking every time you drive if you want that). Tesla *really* doesn't want you doing this!
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just to share my experience:

One of my usual route is 105 East from El segundo Ca to Norwalk Ca. and one of the spots where i normally get the phantom braking is at the 105E to 110 North where there's 2 ways you can go. The speed around 67 MPH will sometimes come down to 60 MPH. I thought at first it might be a glitch that causes phatom braking but why is it happening in the same spot all the time. For my experiment, i tried setting my navigation to norwalk vs of just being on cruise control with no destination set in gps. The result was the phantom braking didn't occur in that spot of the freeway but when i drove by the same spot with just the cruise control and with auto pilot with no destination in the gps, it does the phantom braking. I wonder if the computer in the car is just adjusting / giving the driver enough chance to decide which route to take switch lanes? and if the car is accounting the navigation map... (you know when sometimes the navigation thinks you're on another road when there's an overpass or lane migration to another freeway.)

(disclaimer: i did my test safely when no one was behind me.)
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Feb 17, 2022
I’m less worried about rear-enders than the panic induced in passengers (and pets) when a phantom braking event occurs, especially passengers who have never experienced PB before and their resulting WTF moment. After 3 years for me it is less panic and more frustration and annoyance. Not sure how “common” phantom braking actually is, but I’ve had it on my radar-equipped June 2018 Model 3 since day 1, and still have it on v24.11 (not sure if that firmware uses the radar on radar-equipped cars). Since TACC has to be active for AutoPilot to activate, coupled with phantom braking on just TACC without active AutoPilot, I’ve assumed the issue is TACC. Then some folks including Elon posited that the removal of the radar or modifying software to not use it will eliminate phantom braking. Didn’t happen if the forums are any indication.

Curious about your hypothesis about disabling AEB: have you tried it? If so, any improvement to PB? I too would prefer to keep AEB enabled, but if that is the root cause, or at least a cause that I can control, of phantom braking, it would likely be a good trade off with passengers/pets in the vehicle.

Regardless, I still want a dumb cruise control setting option.
Ditto I have only driven 300 miles and it’s all been frustrating
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Have had our 2021 Modely Y since June. About ready to sell the car. If only it had a dumb cruise control. 70k vehicle and can’t even use cruise control without constant phantom breaking. This sucks.
Fully agree. 2021 Model Y as well. I have tried disabling all emergency stopping settings to no avail. I will look into the calibration as stated in this thread
I will receive my Model Y May/June and I do not feel warm and fuzzy. There are a few things I would like a smooth egress going to an ev and cruise control is one of them. This is a problem noted in November and Tesla's had over three months to address the issue. I believe if it were totally software related they could have implemented a fix by now.
I haven't lived with Tesla long enough to just have faith that the Almighty Download will put it's hand on my Model Y and say, heal. Tesla needs an owner communication department since this is our daily driving experience, not a different screen on your iPhone. I feel they need to treat owners different than the general public.

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