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2021 Shipping Movements

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This may give you an idea of the sums involved. Tesla signs one-year, $422M contract with Hyundai Glovis to ship Giga Shanghai exports
To my mind the figures don't make sense for a 1 year contract, but there we go.
I'm expecting Shanghai to export 200k-250k to Europe and 50k-100k to the rest of the world in 2022. Also, Tesla could to use ships for some domestic transports to the Beijing region in the north and to the Hong Kong/Shenzhen/Guanzhou region in the south. Would that make sense?
Do the ships that transport Tesla's dock at the same part of Shanghai port or do they use different area's? From older threads I have picked up a couple of different area's - Luchao port seem's to be the most commonly mentioned
So far nearly all Teslas are exported from the 2 dedicted RoRo piers in Haitong. This is the well established and incredibly efficient RoRo terminal for Shanghai. Since there are only 2 berths, these piers are working 24hrs a day at max capacity and the 2 available slots per day (a tidal restriction) are booked well in advance with frequent delays. The wait at the moment is around 6 days if you miss your booked slot but earlier this year it was over 14 days.
We have only seen one or two Tesla export ships per quarter use Luchao (aka Shanghai south, Hangzhou, Nangang, or Pier 4). The pier is well used for domestic RoRo movements (not necessarily by Tesla). It's much slower to load here but it's much closer to the GF, and it's nowhere near as busy as Haitong. Tesla ships arriving here most probably arrive empty. GLOVIS SOLOMON is the largest ship to use it so far.
It would make sense for Tesla to find an alternative to Haitong.
I have been keeping an eye on GLOVIS SOLOMON because she ticks a lot of my boxes.
I was expecting her to open the 2022 thread but it looks like she may be turning up early!
One to watch.
Will she go to S Korea though??
Definately one to watch, however I asked Wu Wa and he is convinced they are still making for domestic market, I can't see Solomon sitting there for days waiting for the cars to be produced, but I'm often wrong in life 😂
GLOVIS SOLOMON is actually heading for South Korea, so maybe wrong direction.
Guess in one of the last WuWa Videos some RHD-Tesla were spotted ... so maybe she has some Teslas but not for good old Europe ?!?

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December the 24th last year, I took delivery of my MY in Tilburg. So a very nice Christmas present ! The missing chips for the USB charging ports had been flown in the day before and were mounted during the delivery.
Thanks a lot Mr. Miserable and others for all the information, games, very exiting peek into the world of RoRo’s, harbours, routes, tides, weather, etc, etc.
Hopefully see you in a few years when an other Tesla could be on the wishing list.
Have a great year, stay healthy and good luck with your deliveries !
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When I spoke to a Tesla he said to me that once the factory reopens they will update peoples schedule delivery times. He pointed out that the reason for no changes at this point is due to the fact they don’t know how long they will be closed for. Looks like we will all have to wait a little bit longer !!
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This thread was for 2021, there's a new thread here for 2022:

I'm also locking this thread to prevent more comments.
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