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2021 SR+ Screen Doesn't Turn On Sometimes

I've had my sr+ for a couple months now. Sometimes when I get in the car the screen doesn't come on. The car still can be put into drive, reverse, etc and the screen usually comes on after about 5 minutes of waiting or I have to reset the car.

This happens about once a weeks and is mildly annoying, especially if I'm in a hurry.

Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix?
You might want to continue with troubleshooting steps. Here's a good thread linked below with a bunch of things to try. The next step would be turning the power off for a few minutes.

If you don't have success after that, it's probably time to contact service from within the app. The only problem would be recreating the issue. Somehow, the car will probably know to be on it's best behavior once a service tech is checking it out.

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2021 SR+ here. Happens to me too once in awhile. 2-4 times a month sounds about right, it doesnt always feel like weekly.

I have even had a time where the screen didnt turn on and the brake pedal wouldn't even depress (As if the car is off) and doesn't do anything for a minute or so. For this I left the car and came back and it seemed to fix.

For the just screen issue that you are describing, I just continue on driving and reset the touchscreen by pressing both steering buttons. It is annoying but hasn't happened frequently enough for me to put a service request. I will if it gets out of hand.

Following this thread to see if there is any additional findings.
If the screen comes back on, it's not the screen itself. Since the car is connected to the internet, probably the same crap as a regular computer... but you just can't clear cookies, or do a disk clean-up, like on a computer. So I guess a reset might be the equivalent, hopefully erasing all 'browsing' history and crap. Or maybe a hard reset is needed for that?
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I have a 2020 SR+. My screen usually turns on instantly, but if it's been in deep sleep for a while, the screen is frozen for about 15-20 seconds. Very frustrating because I have to wait to input the passcode before I can put the car in drive.
My screen didn't power at all the day after the first 2021 software update; had to do a steering wheel reset... which took a long time to power up the screen. Now, I just got another software update, which I'm installing right now. Hope that fix what the previous update broke. Ha ha. Wonder what else is in that one; does anybody know? Thx.
My 2021 LR did this yesterday when I got in to drive. Figured it was rebooting. Sure enough after about two minutes the Tesla logo appeared and the screen slowly pieced itself together like a groggy teenager.

This makes it the third time a crash has happened in two months of ownership. Not confidence inspiring. At least the car was ready to drive and A/C running, but I didn’t want to risk backing out onto a busy street without the rear camera.