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2022 Model S Plaid interior panel gap

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Thanks so much for the info, much appreciated.
Quick update. I took my MS to the local SC to take care of some issues and pointed out the panel gap between the headliner and C-pillar. My service advisor guessed that it was a broken/missing clip but when I told him that I personally installed a replacement clip he suggested that the plastic chassis behind the pillar is slightly misaligned and needed to be set a couple of millimeters higher. It took them 30 minutes to address the problem and now there is not gap between the headliner and the pillar. Looks like it's a relatively easy and minor defect that can be addressed by the service center.
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Good luck fixing your $140K purchase on your own. With no support from Tesla.
I was successfully able to fix it myself. Thanks for your "help".


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I was successfully able to fix it myself. Thanks for your "help".
I bet it feels good to get the brush off from the people you gave $140K to. Who couldn’t be bothered to add a .10 cent clip to your newly purchased vehicle.

But yeah, go ahead and take it out on someone from the internet who did not cause the problem and told what the solution would have to be.

This literally unfolded exactly as I said it would and you’re mad. Okay.
Took delivery of a 2022 Model S Plaid a few months ago, had multiple issues on delivery, car was filthy inside and out, rubber window trim was hanging off, there was hair gel all over the driver's head rest that left a permanent mark, interior door trim was scratched, and there was an ugly gap between the interior rear pillar panel and the headliner. I've attached a tweet showing the gap, it's on the rear driver's side above where the seatbelt comes out.

I tried to show the tech at the service center these issues on delivery but he refused to even look. He said "I have 50 cars to deliver today" and told me I should accept delivery and make a service appointment in the app. A few days later mobile service comes out and works on the car in my driveway for over two hours. The mobile tech was great, he explained what he was going to do and did his best to address our concerns. He dissembled much of the rear including the seats, parts of the trunk, and the pillar panels, did some adjustments, and replaced the panel in question with a new one. Unfortunately though, he was not able to resolve the panel gap, and in fact after his attempts the gap was even wider than before.

He explained that, in his opinion, it was an issue with the headliner, which would require significant disassembly because the headliner attaches to multiple panels all around the interior of the car, and has multiple speakers and lights in it. It wasn't something he could do in my driveway, it would have to go to the service center, but he expressed concern that further attempts to fix the gap may cause gaps or other issues to come up elsewhere. He apologized profusely for not being able to do more.

After mobile service I received an email survey, I responded by stating my dissatisfaction with the delivery condition of their $132,000 flagship sedan, and how I was not happy with the outcome of the mobile service appointment. I received no response or followup of any kind,

I was wondering if anyone that has had a similar experience with something like has any advice on how to proceed. Im kind of at a loss, I'm really irritated by the panel gap, but I'm also concerned about taking it into the service center and having them make it worse or cause other problems in the process of trying to fix it. The service centers in my area are very busy, and I dont trust them to take any time or care in repairing this expensive car.

Thank you.
It can greatly depend on the service center. In general they have Spec Tolerences but won’t tell you what those tolerances are. The service centers are pretty limited unless it’s a clip or a snap or a gasket. In order to fight anything they must replace and fix “defects” if you think a court would say it’s a defect then you can fight it, otherwise it’s going to be “in spec”

I spent and hour or two on my door seal and got rid of wind noise they have been trying to fix for a year. Now it’s good and time to work on the other doors.