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2022 Model X, non-adjustable 2nd row & inaccessible 3rd row

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Sep 19, 2022
We just got our new car yesterday afternoon, I was surprised that the second row seats are not adjustable at all, there are only two levers at the bottom for moving seats forward to access the 3rd row. Also, the movement is so stiff I had to push really hard, and the space to get to the 3rd row is comically small even my 6 year old daughter had a hard time get through.

I found some YouTube videos (like this one) showing older Model X with fully adjustable 2nd row and much better access to the 3rd row so I thought I must have missed some optional packages, I tried their order tool again to see which package I missed but I can't find any.

It doesn't make any sense but did Tesla remove that feature all together?
Just took a look at the second row again after our first school drop off with this car (my daughters love the falcon wing doors :)). Looks like I missed the second lever on each side to adjust reclining so it does offer limited adjustability. But again it's weird that a car this expensive doesn't come with powered 2nd row, if it's an option, they shouldn't make that optional package so difficult to discover. Now I've tried their ordering tool twice, I can only guess, it might be the 6 seater option, some YouTube reviews of the 2022 6 seater show powered seat adjustments.
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