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2023 Model Y (LR/AWD) Charging But Not In iOS App

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Went on a weekend stay-cation this past weekend. Spent a night downtown and parked my 2023 Model Y (LR/AWD) in the hotel parking garage but did not charge it overnight.

Once we got home around 3pm on Monday (yesterday), I parked in my garage and plugged in like I normally do and went about my day and night. Later that night, I noticed that the TESLA iOS app showed a spinning circle in the upper-left corner and wouldn’t land on a battery SOC. Also, the charging box below that in the iOS app showed no “Start Charging” or “Stop Charging” button. I assumed I had forgotten to plug in my TESLA (I hadn’t). Today, I had to take my daughter to practice @ 2pm, but my TESLA wasn’t charged to the 80% limit I set.

I didn’t have time to give it my full attention until this evening before dinner. What I observed was that the TESLA was recharging (based on what was on-screen), but the TESLA iOS app was not reporting that activity in the app. I used the “Power OFF” button in the TESLA on-screen menu and restarted by placing my foot on the brake. Never done that method before, but I could tell that it wasn’t a full “hard boot” cycle like when you hold down the scroll wheels on the steering wheel, which I finally did later. Before that, I had deleted and reinstalled the TESLA iOS app and restarted my iPhone multiple times. Annoyed that I had to set up my phone key all over again, but glad I checked off that step. Once I did the hard boot in the TESLA using the scroll wheels, that seemed to recalibrate everything, and it finally began showing the SOC in the TESLA iOS app and I had a “Stop Charging” button again.

I was panicked for a few minutes there, thinking I’d have to enlist help from TESLA support. Anyone every experienced that before?

NOTE: I have and do use daily the TESLA Wall Connector at home almost exclusively to charge. Haven’t charged anywhere else since I used the SuperCharger on 12/27/2022.