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2024 Chevy Blazer EV: Up to 320 mile range, MSRP between $45-$66k, plus a “Police Pursuit” model

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I've read a lot here about comparisons.

The Blazer, Mach-E, ID.4 and all the other EVs with base prices under $50k are not competitors with the Model Y.

If you can afford a Model Y LR or MYP, you're not in the market for a Blazer 1LT or 2LT. They would be direct competitors if Tesla still sold the Y SR RWD for what they sold it for when they had it last year.

I have the Y SR because it was CAD$56k. It was at my stretch ceiling and if I hadn't been able to grab one I'd probably still have my Leaf as a daily driver. If I did have a new vehicle it would probably be the ID.4 ($50k - $5k rebate) because it's the only one with similar towing capacity.

Now a YLR is similar to a Lucid Air Dream Edition. Nice car, but out of my price range so it's not happening. If I needed another car I'd be shopping in the 1LT, 2LT price range of which there are now many options from many different manufacturers.

For comparisons sake, the Y SR was single motor, just under 400km range, max charging rate 176kW (very briefly). That's not far off from the Blazer EV's specs either.
Tesla Model Y Long Range is a $49K vehicle with a $17K "market adjustment".

Since Tesla doesn't have dealerships, Tesla just keeps the "market adjustment" for itself.
Norway has more, often first to get new Chinese ones (but Germany is not too far behind as so many reviewers based there) - UK only has 137 Model/trims available (with another 31 upcoming) EV Database

Eventually these and many more will come to North America and other markets. It's just a matter of time, production, scale, raw materials, refining etc. If the Chevy Blazer can be part of it, that's great, but I'd prefer other options. BTW, shouldn't they avoid fire sounding names? Chevy Cheetah/Cosmic or something

Yea, I'm curious to see what the future holds. If my grandmother had to get an EV today, a small (footprint-wise) city-style EV, with a traditional-style interior, would really be perfect. The only options now are pretty much the Bolt or Leaf.
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That’s how poor of a response your argument is.
If you understand logic, it is not an argument. The fact is the student claims s/he did not cheat on the current exam. The information about past exam is not relevant. I like how you select words for your responses. "accuse", "cheating" - these are the tags you insert into discussion about Tesla. You better be well paid for your work (and I am serious).
Yea, I'm curious to see what the future holds. If my grandmother had to get an EV today, a small (footprint-wise) city-style EV, with a traditional-style interior, would really be perfect. The only options now are pretty much the Bolt or Leaf.
Don't know about grandmothers* but as a grandfather for a couple decades I will admit that the minimalist style took a little getting used to but I came to appreciate it pretty quickly. Got in to 1 pedal driving on the way home from picking it up.

I do find those pictures of the Chevy interior overwhelmingly busy. I guess I'm used to the Tesla interior. But frankly the Camry is almost minimalist compared to that thing. The Camry doesn't bother me so much although I do get yelled at for leaving the car on from time to time because I"m used to hitting a park button (or not), getting out and walking away.

*Grandma won't (is allowed?) to drive the Tesla since she hopped a curb and rashed a rim on her first drive.
Actually, many cases no? The YouTube crowd, for example, is never sponsored by traditional auto advertising and YouTube acts as the firewall. (The creator has no idea who buys ads, and zero control or influence)... and a lot of them also like (some) buttons.
Not the YouTube ads, but (1) being paid directly or more likely through third party by the manufacturers and, more important (2) have access to new vehicles to have something, anything, to show on YouTube.
Unless you are on a Plaid S or X, the above all are on buttons or stalks (3 and Y). Exception being the defog.

You guys do know you can move "most used functions" to the bottom of your MCU? So if there is something you use a lot, BAM, it's right there at one click.
My lights are on Auto and it's daytime so they're off., I hit a sign saying "headlights required". I'd rather not flash my high-beams at the car in front of me. Where's the button/stalk to turn on the lights?

My windshield wipers are are on auto, but are going insane because auto sucks. Where's the button/stalk to turn them off? (hit the "wipe" button on the stalk, then GO TO THE SCREEN to adjust the speed/frequency)

FWIW, I drive a model 3.