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21 inch Sonic Carbon Turbine Wheels (NJ)

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Looking to sell my set of 4 21 inch Sonic Carbon (Grey) Turbine Wheels with one new Conti Sport Contact tire, the other 3 are no longer "usable." The wheels came with a used inventory car that I purchased. Two wheels have significant curb rash ($175 per wheel quote to refinish). The other two wheels have very little-no curb rash. Looking to sell for $2,000 for 4 wheels and 1 tire with a few thousand miles on it. b4a3AV_CrsTg5BdLwtFGKHvXmXGai2gG1Z90tBmqZKA_dt.jpg D-__ZzXH3Gv9ghG9qq2uuTTDT8kjJT0YYvW1u6s_gSc_dt.jpg EbyfSEm_xJd2Q_ObGLOXGJkfUeAgnF4L0EB55AQD1WM_dt.jpg koPuhfkifJwcoNUhzBdQAD71bNxbKokeaPe_TLB09ZE_dt.jpg
I've bought and sold a lot of these 21" turbine wheels, and first, just FYI -- the wheels you are offering are not "Sonic Carbon" Turbine wheels, these are:



What you are offering are the original "grey" 21" turbine wheels. (The Sonic Carbon is much darker and a different design).

Second, your price is pretty high. I've bought "like new" condition grey turbine wheels for $250 each. You're asking $500 each -- all have curb rash and two significant damage. The tire you throw is isn't really of value, unless someone is looking for that exact tire.

Keep in mind that people are continually selling brand new (referral award) 21" Arachnid wheels, including new performance tires and TPMS for less than $3000.