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21 inch turbine wheel crack survey

Can you add your name to the list below if you have had a cracked 21 inch wheel? If you put username, number of times it has happened and what country, that will be great.

I have a concern after having 5 repairs even though I have not hit any substantial potholes, only the occasional small 1 inch surface defect you'd get on a freeway / motorway, that there's a problem with the wheels being too weak for the weight of the car possibly.

Thanks in advance

R4ymb 5 Staffordshire, England
Wow I didn’t know they were prone to cracking! Mine are ok thankfully after 6,000 miles. I hit a bad pothole the other day and it survived but I did wonder.

Sounds like you need to splash out on some Arachnids! I’ve a set for sale in UK ;)

Seriously though, are they repairable once cracked?
I've done 71,000 miles. Yes they are repairable if a hairline crack. You know you've got one as the tyre pressure slowly drops. It involves a specialist alloy welder. Some are good, some bad. I have had 2 repairs re-open. I don't like the Arachnids much sorry.
I am convinced those wheels (and the thickness of the tires) are not sufficient for the car. It was painful every time I backed off of the lip on my driveway with my P85D as I could feel it hit hard. I live in the United States and had one rim crack severely and I don't know when it happened. I just noticed it one day. That was 2 years ago and I replaced the wheels with 20" aftermarket wheels instead of paying ~$1500 for a new 21" wheel. Obviously it was quite a waste of money and the only thing I regret about my Tesla purchase.

Edit: here are pictures. There is no doubt that this was caused by some sort of impact, however you'd think I would have remembered hitting a pothole this bad. There is a chance it happened when Tesla Service was driving it, but they claimed not. Just a few months ago I hit one pothole which took out two of my 21" tires, but no significant wheel damage other than some road rash.

Tesla Cracked 21" Wheel
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Yes please. When I get my latest crack repaired tomorrow I'll post a pic. I'm convinced the wheels and tyres are not right for the car too. Useful for Tesla to know if enough people raise the issue....
Our 21" Turbine wheels on our 2015 P85D+ have 35,000 miles on them and they've been flawless... Even with the stiffer Plus suspension and ContiSilent high performance summer tires. They do have a couple of curb scrapes which is absolutely driver error... but definitely no cracks. Maybe I'm just used to driving super low profile tires / rims since I drove a 2006 Corvette Z06 with SUPER side low profile 20" F and 21" rear ultra high performance summer tires. Same curb rash and pothole risks as our Tesla 21" wheels.

We've driven our P85D them on road trips except our last one in March from SoCal to Denver and back via Zion, Monument Valley, Moab and Breckenridge. For that trip I swapped in a set of 19" Cyclone wheels with All-Season Michelin tires since I knew I'd hit snow.
Seems I just may have a bad set. Had a Lambo Gallardo with very low profiles and large alloys before and have a porsche Macan now on 22 inch wheels. Never an issue and I drive pretty much the same routes. Thanks everyone for the comments.
This is a heavy car! with low profile tires and low inflation, it will have a tendency to compress the tire to the rim on minor holes. If you are running low profile tire slow down on bad roads and keep your tire inflation up. Mine are kept OVER the door placard pressure. I consider that a bare minimum for pressure.
Cracked rim on my set of 21" grey turbines. This happened while having new tires installed at America's Tire. I went into the store on delivery day with bald tires but they held air. Got home after new tires install and next morning one tire was flat. I aired up the tire and drove back to America's tire. After some investigation they informed me I have a cracked rim. I told them it was not cracked (tire would hold air) when I dropped the car off for the new tire install. They were very rude and insisted they did not crack the rim. Needless to say they lost all future business from me for all three of my vehicles. Tesla stepped up and replaced the rim for free. Attached is a photo of the crack.


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No cracks in our 21" Turbines after 35,000 miles of spirited driving our 2015 P85D with the firmer Plus Suspension (rougher on the tires & wheels). America's Tire replaced two of our ContiSportContact 5P - CSI tires via the four $46.25 Tire Certificates we bought the day we bought our Tesla. Saved a lot of money buying Tire Certificates ($185 total) vs. 2 replacement tires at $329 EACH ($658).

I've probably avoided damaging my 21" Turbine wheels from 10 years of experience driving super low profile tires one crazy wide wheels on my 2006 Corvette Z06 which only weighed 3,100 lbs. Considering our P85D's curb weight is 4,950 lbs it's no wonder the 21" low profile tires and wheels take a beating.